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Questions you are asking

This section will have different areas in order to answer your questions according to particular needs and to encourage your ongoing participation. Please take a moment to view each section and provide us with your feedback, comments, and suggestions. Thank you!

Send your comments to: Feedback

Where can I find information about upcoming trainings and events?

You can check on our website under upcoming training and events. Please remember that training dates and topics are subject to change, and it is always a good idea to confirm with the Accelerated School Center NY at (212)678 3962 if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns.


How can I find the email address of my liaison at Accelerated Schools?

You can check on our website under Liaisons. In that section you will find the email and contact information of the liaison for your school.


How do I know when my school will be visited by the liaisons?

Our Office Manager Jo, will send your school a fax and an email  (if available) to let you know when the visit will take place. If there is a discrepency between the dates, please call the Center as soon as possible to see what accomodations can be made. If you have an email address or will like to update your information, please call us at the center (212)678 3962 or email us at asc@exchange.tc.columbia.edu.


How can I display activities or information about my school?

You can send information, pictures, activities , and or lessons to asc@exchange.tc.columbia.edu. We would love for schools to contribute monthly ideas or suggestions as well.



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