Institute on Education and the Economy

Conference Papers (1988-1994)

Greene, Maxine and William Birenbaum. (April 1988). Allan Bloom's "The Closing of the American Mind": Two Perspectives.

Bailey, Thomas. (February 1989). Changes in the Nature and Structure of Work: Implications for Employer-Sponsored Training.

Bartel, Ann F. (February 1989). Utilizing Corporate Survey Data to Study Investments in Employee Training and Development.

Mincer, Jacob. (February 1989). Labor Market Effects of Human Capital and of Its Adjustment to Technological Change.

Noyelle, Thierry. (February 1989). Skills, Skill Formation, Productivity and Competitiveness: A Cross-National Comparison of Banks and Insurance Carriers in Five Advanced Economies.

Tan, Hong W. (February 1989). Private Sector Training in the United States: Who Gets It and Why.

Vaughan, Roger J. (February 1989). Public Subsidies and Private Training.

Vaughan, Roger J. and Sue E. Berryman. (February 1989). Employer-Sponsored Training: Current Status, Future Possibilities. Synthesis of findings from papers prepared for the Conference on Employer-Sponsored Training.

Vinovskis, Maris A. (December 1989). The Role of Education in the Economic Transformation of Nineteenth Century America.

Vaughan, Roger J. (December 1989). Mixing Metaphors: Education and Economic Development Policy.

Kett, Joseph F. (January 1990). From Useful Knowledge to Vocational Education 1860-1930.

McDonnell, Lorraine M. (December 1989). Restructuring American Schools: The Promise and the Pitfalls.

Vaughan, Roger J. (December 1989). Education, Training and Labor Markets: Summary and Policy Implications of Recent Research by Jacob Mincer.

Berryman, Sue E. (January 1990). What Do We Need to Teach? To Whom? When? How?

Briefings Given at the Conference on Education and the Economy: Hard Questions, Hard Answers. (September 1989).

Education and the Economy: Hard Questions, Hard Answers. Executive Summaries of Conference Background Papers. (September 1989).

Bailey, Thomas. (May 1994). School-to-Work Transition in the United States: Overcoming the Implementation Barriers.

Hoachlander, E. Gareth, Phillip Kaufman, and Elliot Wilen. (August 1990). Indicators of Education and the Economy.




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