Institute on Education and the Economy

Technical Papers (1988–1994)

Bailey, Thomas and Thierry Noyelle. (April 1988). New Technology and Skill Formation: Issues and Hypotheses.

Bailey, Thomas. (April 1988). Education and the Transformation of Markets and Technology in the Textile Industry.

Sicherman, Nachum. (April 1989). "Over-Education" in the Labor Market.

Scribner, Sylvia and Joy Stevens. (April 1989). Experimental Studies on the Relationship of School Math and Work Math.

Sicherman, Nachum. (October 1989). Education and Occupational Mobility.

Bartel, Ann P. and Frank R. Lichtenberg. (October 1989). The Age of Technology and Its Impact on Employee Wages.

Bailey, Thomas. (October 1989). Technology, Skills, and Education in the Apparel Industry.

Mincer, Jacob. (November 1989). Human Capital Responses to Technological Change in the Labor Market.

Bailey, Thomas. (December 1989). Changes in the Nature and Structure of Work: Implications for Skill Requirements and Skill Formation.

Mincer, Jacob. (January 1990). Education and Unemployment of Women.

Mincer, Jacob. (October 1989). Education and Unemployment.

Mincer, Jacob. (October 1989). Job Training: Costs, Returns, and Wage Profiles.

Scribner, Sylvia and Patricia Sachs. (July 1990). A Study of On-the-Job Training.

Altonji, Joseph G. (July 1990). Controlling for Personal Characteristics, School and Community Characteristics, and High School Curriculum When Estimating the Return to Education.

Altonji, Joseph G. (February 1990). Accounting for Uncertain Educational Outcomes in Estimating the Return to Education.

Altonji, Joseph G. (September 1990). The Effects of High School Curriculum on Education and Labor Market Outcomes.

Noyelle, Thierry. (November 1990). Skill Needs and Skill Formation in Business Services: The Case of the Accounting, Management Consulting, and Computer Software Industries.

Altonji, Joseph G. and James R. Spletzer. (January 1991). Worker Characteristics, Job Characteristics, and the Receipt of On-the-Job Training.

Mincer, Jacob. (November 1990). Job Training, Wage Growth, and Labor Turnover.

Mincer, Jacob. (February 1991). Human Capital, Technology, and the Wage Structure: What do Time Series Show?

Altnoji, Joseph G. (January 1991). The Demands for and Return to Education When Education Outcomes are Uncertain.

Scribner, Sylvia and Patricia Sachs. (February 1991). Knowledge Acquisition at Work.

Berryman, Sue E. (September 1991). Cognitive Science: Challenging Schools to Design Effective Learning Environments.




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