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From 1986 to 1991, the Institute was the site for the National Center on Education and Employment, funded by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education. The following briefs were published by NCEE.

Youth Training in the US, Great Britain and Australia (Brief No. 12)
Morton Inger – November 1990

The Decision to Start College: Factoring in the Uncertainty (Brief No. 11)
Morton Inger and Eric Larsen – November 1990

Community-Based Strategies for Work-Related Education (Brief No. 10)
Morton Inger – November 1990

On the Job Training: A Case Study (Brief No. 9)
Sylvia Scribner and Patricia Sachs – August 1990

Education, Training, and Labor Markets: A Policy Perspective (Brief No. 8)
Roger J. Vaughan – August 1990

The Changing Occupational Structure (Brief No. 7)
Thomas Bailey – January 1990

Restructuring American Schools: The Promise and the Pitfalls (Brief No. 6)
Lorraine M. McDonnell – November 1989

Technological Change, Trade, and the Need for Educated Employees: Implications for Economic Policy (Brief No. 5)
Ann P. Bartel, Frank R. Lichtenberg, and Roger J. Vaughan – November, 1989

Employer-Sponsored Training: Current Status, Future Possibilities (Brief No. 4)
Roger J. Vaughan – November 1989

The Disadvantaged: Paths to Success (Brief No. 3)
Amy Wells and Wendy Schwartz – April 1989

Do We Know What Employers Want in Entry-Level Workers? (Brief No. 2)
Gary Natriello – April 1989

The Impact of New Technology on Skills and Skill Formation in the Banking and Textile Industries (Brief No. 1)
Thomas Bailey and Thierry Noyelle – April 1989



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