Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Training - Including Lower Extremities (HABIT-ILE)

Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Training - Including Lower Extremities (HABIT-ILE)

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We are looking for participants for a FREE study evaluating the impact of dosing parameters on motor skill acquisition and retention in bilateral cerebral palsy (BCP). The purpose of this study is to determine if there are significant gains and retention in functional skills, activity, and self-mastery in children with BCP receiving 90 hours of Hand-Arm Bilateral Intensive Training - Including Lower Extremities (HABIT-ILE).

Participants will be randomized into either a 3-week summer camp OR a 15-week fall weekend camp.

Summer Intense Motor Learning Camp

Dates: June 25-July 14, 2023

90 hours of Habit-ILE

6 hours/day

5 day/week

3 weeks

Fall Intense Motor Learning Camp

Dates: Sept 9-Dec 16, 2023

90 hours of HABIT-ILE

6 hours/day

1 day (Saturday)/week

15 weeks

Participants will undergo 3 outcome assessments:

  1. Within the week prior to camp
  2. Within the week upon completion of camp
  3. Six months after completion of camp

Participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Diagnosis of bilateral cerebral palsy
  • Gross Motor Function Classification Level (GMFCS) II-IV
  • Between the ages of 5-17 years
  • Able to get up from a chair with standby assist
  • Able to sit on a mat table with upper extremity support
  • Able to grasp and lift objects 1 5 cm off table top
  • Able to understand directions
  • Able to walk a minimum of 10 steps independently with or without an assistive device
  • No orthopedic surgery within the last year
  • Able to speak and understand English
  • Willing to restrict Botox/Dysport use for 3 months prior to each of the 3 full assessments

Interested in participating or want more information?

Call: 212-678-3332

Email: cpresearch@tc.columbia.edu

IRB Protocol #: 19-263

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