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Community Language Program

Community Language Program

Teachers College, Columbia University

Foreign Languages

Meet Man Su 

Did you know that the CLP also offers Spanish classes? Meet one of our students and learn about her experience!

Beginner Spanish, Level 1-3:

40 hours: $375.00

Our Beginner 1 courses are for those students who consider themselves "true beginners" without any prior instruction in the language. Students in Beginner 2 courses may have had some language instruction in the past.

After registration, you will be contacted by the office regarding the placement test for foreign language courses.
NOTE: Chinese will no longer be offered at our program. Please go to the TCSOL website for their Chinese Tutoring Program.

New Course Offering in Fall 2018! 

Beginner Italian, Level 1:

30 hours: $350.00

The course introduces students to the Italian language through a communicative approach in the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. By the end of the course, students will have acquired the necessary language to engage in simple conversation about everyday topics, read simple texts, and write short texts on familiar topics. In addition to the language component, the course offers an introduction to Italian culture and society through a critical use of authentic materials on topics such as leisure activities, cuisine, and the arts.

Beginner French, Level 1:

30 hours: $350.00
The course introduces students to French through a communicative approach to teaching language, where material is taught in the target language so students are immersed and begin to quickly speak French independently. In addition to learning the foundational grammar and vocabulary needed to engage in simple conversation about everyday topics as well as to read and write simple texts, students will be exposed to French culture through authentic audio, video, and text materials.