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Summer A Live ESL Lessons

Live ESL Lessons Offerings


During Summer A (May-June), students can join us for any of the following Live ESL Lessons.

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Level: Intermediate and above

In this workshop, students will learn various skills for public speaking. From posture and confidence building to pronunciation, transition words, and organization, this workshop will give you a great start at developing your presentation skills. Whether you are hoping to improve your skills for work or school, this workshop will give students the tools they need to give excellent presentations from start to finish! 

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 1, 3-5pm EST

Cost: $20


Level: Upper Intermediate to Advanced

Gain confidence in your listening skills and learn how to improve your pronunciation through American TV shows and films! In this Live ESL Lesson, students will get the opportunity to fine-tune their listening comprehension skills and strategies as well as focus on certain aspects of English pronunciation features while interacting with authentic digital materials. 

Date & Time: Thursday, June 9, 6-8pm EST

Cost: $20

Level: Intermediate and above

Do you like sharing your opinions with others, but you find it challenging to do in English? In this Live ESL Lesson, you will gain some strategies to help you both actively listen and express your point of view, even when you disagree with others. You will also get a better understanding of how to communicate effectively in contexts with different levels of formality. 

Date & Time: Friday, June 17, 9-11am EST 

Cost: $20

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