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Continuing Professional Studies

Continuing Professional Studies

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Advanced Diabetes Topics

Spring 2018

March 31, 2016 - March 31, 2016

Post-Master’s Certificate in Advanced Diabetes Topics

Teachers College is now offering a 16-credit, academic certificate in Advanced Diabetes Topics. Clinicians already holding a master’s degree or higher in the following areas – nursing, nutrition, physician assistant, medicine, optometry, podiatry, exercise physiology, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, health education, social work, psychology, and public health – are eligible to apply to the program. Those with a master’s degree or higher in any other subject area will need to show that they have worked in diabetes for at least two years in order to apply.

Students in the Certificate in Advanced Diabetes Topics take the five core diabetes courses that are currently offered as part of the MS in DEDM program. Our program is an academic certificate – not a clinical certification – which would provide evidence that students have studied diabetes-specific content at the graduate level, in order to enhance their current or future work.

The mission of the Certificate in Advanced Diabetes Topics program is to offer master’s-prepared students who are currently working in or interested in working in diabetes, an opportunity to gain academic preparation in the diabetes specialty. Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions in our country and the world, and we have the opportunity to equip more people to provide care and education to this demographic. A Certificate in Advanced Diabetes Topics will not only lead to more knowledgeable diabetes professionals, but will help those professionals reach their fullest potential in their local and national communities. By doing so we can help more people and work toward a healthier world.

Students can take one or two courses during each term, and the certificate can be completed in three to five terms. Two courses are offered during Fall term, one course during Spring term, and two during Summer term.

If a student decides to transition from the Certificate Program to the Master of Science in Diabetes Education and Management Program, they would meet with the Program Coordinator for an interview. Based on the student’s application for the Certificate Program, performance in courses, and interview, a decision would be made whether or not to accept them into the MS program.