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Continuing Professional Studies

Continuing Professional Studies

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Creative Technologies Advanced Certificate

Summer 2018

March 1, 2016 - August 31, 2016

The mission of the Creative Technologies Advanced Certificate is to poise students to lead the integration of creative and emerging technologies in art, technology, and education. CTC engages students in reflective learning and integrated studio practice, while participating in national and international communities to advance interdisciplinary, technology-infused approaches to art and art education.


What is CTC?

The Creative Technologies Curriculum (CTC) is a new certificate within the Art and Art Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University. The Art and Art Education program expands its course offerings and launches a 15-credit point curriculum as a specialization within the existing Ed.M. and Ed.D. program. Recently approved by the state (NYSED), CTC also serves as a standalone Advanced Certificate wherein candidates apply directly to the CTC.

Why focus on technology and the arts?

New media and digital technologies have changed the making, teaching, learning, and accessibility of art. These changes have influenced formal and informal learning environments such as universities, schools, libraries, community centers, after school programs, and art studios. Consequently, the landscape of traditional art itself is changing as a new creative reality steeped in media, technology, and social experience emerges.

Who participates in CTC?

The Creative Technologies Curriculum is designed for individuals with work experience and/or undergraduate or graduate degrees in studio art, art history, media design, or instructional technology, among others. Candidates for the CTC would ideally be art educators, artists, designers, technologists, and others who wish to incorporate creative technologies in various educational settings.

What will they do with their experience in CTC?

The focus of the Creative Technologies Curriculum is on the active exploration of emerging technologies as they intersect with teaching and learning. The goal is to prepare artists and art teachers to be leaders in educational ecologies that aptly interweave digital tools and materials in multi- and cross-disciplinary, collaborative, and playful pedagogies.

Why is the CTC valuable?

The CTC strengthens and explores the relationship between Art, Technology, and Education. This critical trifecta is an interdependent force at the forefront of educational efforts in primary, secondary, and university-level teaching and learning. In a world of increasing digital fabrication and social practice, it is more essential than ever to demonstrate proficiency beyond any one skill set. The CTC provides this diverse training to participants so that they may become leaders in this interdisciplinary movement.

Core Course Descriptions

New Media, New Forms: is a survey class and offers a hands-on dialog with digital materials. The course explores the creative possibilities of new media in art education, the impact of technology in the art room, the changing role of the art educator, and the new importance of making in the curriculum. The outcome is a playful and transformative inquiry into new media and how we can utilize them to create new forms.

Digital Foundations in Creative Technologies: This class explores the influences of art and technology on each other and on teaching. Students make art with various new media technologies, including photo and illustration manipulation software, animation programs, game authoring platforms, web code, and the internet.

Elective. This course needs to address creative technologies integration across the curriculum and may be taken from the Art and Art Education Program or other TC programs (see list of courses in the TC catalog or online).

Studio in Creative Technologies:  Taught in conjunction with the Digital Fabrication workshop series, students enrolled in Studio in Creative Technologies select a focus in Coding, 2D and 3D Fabrication, Physical Computing, or Electronics to develop collaborative projects with studio faculty.

Advanced Studio in Creative Technologies:  Taught in conjunction with the Digital Fabrication workshop series, and as an extension of Studio in Creative Technologies, students enrolled in Advanced Studio in Creative Technologies select a focus in Coding, 2D and 3D Fabrication, Physical Computing, or Electronics to develop collaborative projects with studio faculty.

Inquiry-based Art & Design:  This course enables critical feedback and sequencing in conjunction with the studio course. Taking concepts from digital foundations, students will push the boundaries further as they learn to critique, create multiple projects and apply creative technologies.

Creative Technologies Research Seminar:  Students conduct independent-driven research in creative technologies to contribute to the field’s advancement. They will consider hybrid practices, emerging research methodologies, and ethical implications of creative technologies. Addressing media theories and history, the course makes space for student research via inquiry-based projects that reach into communities within and beyond Teachers College.

Creative Technologies Colloquium:  Derived from the Latin colloqui meaning, “to talk together,” the Creative Technologies Colloquium is a critical supplement to the Creative Technologies Research Seminar. Students will meet six times over the course of the semester to present their research alongside experts in the field.