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Teacher Tinker Technology Bootcamp: Coding, Games and Virtual Reality

March 25 – 26, 2017

March 25, 2017 - March 26, 2017

Coding, Game Tools, and Immersive Learning: for the 21st Century Classroom

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, March 25-26, 10-4pm each day
Eligible for 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU). Also eligible for 10 CTLEs.

Are you excited about technology for learning but don’t know exactly how to start?
Are you a teacher or technologist stuck in the stone-age of education and want to go deeper?
Are you using technology to its fullest potential to engage your students?

In this exciting, interactive, hands-on 2 day bootcamp, you will learn about innovative technologies for learning, such as games, virtual reality, apps and other tools. You will bring your own curriculum and make your own completed educational technology tool. In addition, you will practice how to promote 21st century skills while addressing your own classroom needs.


  • Design and create your own useful educational technology that you can use right away in your classroom
  • Learn how immersive technologies like games and virtual reality can be used to support better learning while addressing classroom needs
  • Learn about exciting new technology as tools for the educator toolbox
  • Learn how to integrate theory into practice

What You Will Get Out of This Bootcamp:

  • Hands-on experience creating technology adapted to your classroom
  • Practical resources and tools you can immediately use
  • Strategies for acquiring technology on a limited budget

This bootcamp has three core areas: Coding (Scratch / Javascript programming), Game Tools, and Virtual/Augmented Reality. Participants will get an overview of all three, and choose to focus on one.

  • Day 1: The Landscape of Tech for the Classroom: An overview of useful technology tools for the classroom, including coding tools such as Scratch, free or low cost web resources, digital games, and an exploration into new, cutting edge technologies such as augmented and virtual reality (Google Expeditions).
  • Day 2: Hands-On Tech Exploration Day and Create: Participants try out several hands-on tutorials including: (1) Make your own educational game, (2) creating and using virtual reality and augmented reality for learning; and (3) use Scratch to teach programming. Participants select one core area of focus and create an educational technology tool based upon their curriculum. Final wrap-up and showcase.

Registration fee - $595 per person

Group/Team Discount (2 or more): Contact cps@tc.columbia.edu

Joey J. Lee is Research Assistant Professor of Technology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and Director of the Games Research Lab. He designs, develops, and studies games and game-like experiences for education and social impact. His projects include both digital and non-digital games for climate change education, science education, motivation, identity formation, and cross-cultural education. More information about his projects can be found at http://www.gameprof.com/

Elliot Hu-Au is an MA student in Instructional Technology and Media at Teachers College. He also has over 10 years of experience teaching high school physics, biology, and mathematics. He comes from the San Francisco Bay Area where he taught in urban public schools as well as spent four years founding a charter school. His current research field is virtual reality and its possible uses in the K-12 classroom.

Allen Rabinovich is an entrepreneur and Master’s student at Columbia's Teachers College. He founded the company ScholarStem, which delivers coding and game design instruction to over 15 after-school programs in New York City. His mission is to empower middle schools to administer meaningful CS curricula, independent of their teachers’ technology background. More information about his programs can be found at www.scholarstem.com

Kevin Alster works on the professional development team at The Center for Technology and School Change and the Center for Professional Education of Teachers at Teachers College, Columbia University. Kevin previously worked at KIPP Delta Public Schools in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas as well as Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York for a total of 4 years in classroom teaching. While finishing his Masters degree in Instructional Technology and Media, he works as a design consultant with technology start-ups in technology integration and organizational professional development. Kevin’s research centers primarily on using digital technology platforms as a way to provide equitable access to information to underserved communities.

Joanne Beckwith is a professional development facilitator at the Center for Technology and School Change and a Robofun Mentor teaching after-school classes of Scratch and Robotics. She is currently completing her MA in Instructional Technology and Media at Teachers College and enjoys supporting K-12 teachers design STEM projects that promote problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration.

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