Ann Gentile Memorial Conference | Teachers College Columbia University

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Ann Gentile Memorial Conference: The Future of Motor Learning in Rehabilitation & Movement Sciences

November 5, 2016 - November 6, 2016

Dates: Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6, 2016

A public memorial service for Ann Gentile will be held on the afternoon of Friday, November 4th, at Teachers College.

Times: 9am - 5pm each day

Click here to view Conference Schedule (PDF)

Early Registration Fee Per Attendee:

  • General Rate: $450
  • Alumni Rate: $350
  • TC Student Non-Credit Rate: $100

On 11:59pm on October 31st, these are the online registration rates:

Registration Fee (effective November 1, 2016):

  • General Rate: $500
  • Alumni Rate: $400
  • TC Student Non-Credit Rate: $150

Continuing Education - 1 CEU

Leading experts in movement sciences and rehabilitation will honor Ann’s memory and build on her legacy with a contemporary analysis of research in these fields and its application to practice.

Movement Sciences Professor Emerita Ann Gentile, who taught at TC for 44 years before retiring in 2008, passed away in February. Ann was a pioneer in applying theories of brain function to motor skill learning in the development of athletic skills and the treatment of adults and children with disorders of movement.

Speakers include:

  • KAREN ADOLPH, New York University
  • D. MICHELE BASSO, The Ohio State University
  • AMY BASTIAN, Johns Hopkins University
  • ANDY GORDON, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • JAMES GORDON, University of Southern California
  • REBECCA LEWTHWAITE, University of Southern California
  • RICHARD MAGILL, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • LORI QUINN, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • ROBERTA SHEPHERD, University of Sydney
  • GABY WULF, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • HOWARD ZELAZNIK, Purdue University

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Donate to the A.M. Gentile Scholarship Fund in Motor Learning