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Controller: Office of Risk Management

Office of Risk Management

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International Travel

Faculty and Staff Travel

1. Reporting Requirements - College faculty and staff members must inform the Office of Risk Management in May about planned international travel on College business for the forthcoming academic year (September to August). The business travel spreadsheet should be utilized to report this information to the Office of Risk Management.

Recording of International Expense Activities - As part of the College's ongoing efforts to comply with IRS regulations, Banner accounts have been created for the most common types of international expense activities. The accounts listed below should be used when initiating a payment request for these international expense categories:

  • 7317 - International Travel Expenses
  • 7219 - International Consulting Services
  • 7636 - International Professional Development

While accounts have not been established for all types of international activity, the College’s Check Request Form includes a check box for payment requests related to any type of international expense, including those that fall into the above listed categories.

2. Insurance Coverage - Faculty and staff members traveling on College business are covered by the GeoBlue Traveler, but are required to register for the coverage in advance of their trip at https://www.geo-blue.com/index.cfm. GeoBlue Traveler provides health coverage. Additional information regarding GeoBlue Traveler coverage please contact the HR department.

Faculty and staff members also have coverage under the Navigator’s Foreign Volunteer Workers Compensation. This coverage applies to work related injuries while on College business. The Office of Risk Management will provide a copy of the Navigator’s Assistance card once you have submitted your forms. The Navigator’s card provides an outline summary of services and travel emergency contact numbers. The card must be carried at all times while traveling abroad on TC business. For additional information about Navigator’s travel program, contact the Office of Risk Management.

3. Required Forms - Faculty and staff members traveling on College business must complete and submit the following forms:

4. Before you depart - Access OnCall’s web based resource center, My Searchlight Portal, the global health, travel and safety gateway for Teachers College by visiting My Searchlight Portal at http://tc.mysearchlightportal.com. In order for us to be in the best position to assist you in an emergency, we ask that you complete the following three steps prior to departing on your trip:

  • Register & create your unique traveler profile in My Searchlight Portal.
  • Once registered and logged in, download the Membership Card onto your smartphone or print and carry it with you.
  • Once your profile is complete, forward any itinerary, flight or hotel confirmation via email to TCtrips@oncallinternational.com and cc kaplan@tc.edu (Office of Risk Management). The itinerary will be imported into the “My Trips” feature of the portal within 24 hours, there is no need for you to manually enter your trip unless it is your preference. By taking this step, you enable Teachers College to send you important messages about medical and security concerns when you are abroad with instructions on actions you should take in an emergency.

We also recommend you utilize this information gateway to research your destination. You can find health, safety and transportation information by reviewing country and city guides.

5. Once the Office of Risk Management receives all the forms, the Office of Risk Management will provide you with the Travel Assistance Card. The card provides you with an outline summary of services and a Travel Guard contact numbers in case of an emergency services that requires assistance. The card should be carried with you at all times while traveling abroad.

6. If you are vacationing or otherwise travelling for pleasure, make sure you have medical insurance and evacuation coverage. The College insurance does not apply to vacations or any travelling for pleasure.
Here is the list of suggested companies: