Certificate of Equivalency 

The College requires that all students who are seeking equivalency credit for non-coursework related activities (e.g., research lab work, Integrative Projects, fieldwork, etc) must enroll in CCPX 4001 Integrative Project to receive such equivalency credit. Any CCPX student taking a reduced course load in ANY SEMESTER (fewer than 9 credits in any semester) must enroll in CCPX 4001 Integrative Project for Certification of Equivalency. This course may be taken for 0 or 1 credit as needed. Students who have completed course work, and intend to maintain status must enroll in CCPX4001 Integrative Project. Students maintaining status after completion of coursework will be charged the College fee for maintaining status even if enrolled for 0 credits. 


Sponsor's Evaluation

The Sponsor's evaluation should reflect their honest assessment of the quality of the student's finished work. The manuscript should be well-written, carefully edited, and conform to American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines with regard to style and citations. The overview of the literature should be comprehensive, and include recent empirical work that shows a thoughtful awareness of the relevant literature. Research proposals or reports should demonstrate a firm grasp of the relevant methods, and ethical standards, and analyses should be appropriate to answer the questions being asked in the study. Sponsors must submit their evaluations via the online Evaluation Form no later than 4pm:

  • September 1st for students who plan to graduate in October
  • January 2nd for students who plan to graduate in Febraury
  • April 1st for students who plan to graduate in May

Grade Change Form 

At the beginning of a course, students may choose (with the approval of their instructor) to participate in the course for an alternate grade option, Pass-Fail in a Letter Grade course or Letter Grade in a Pass-Fail course. The instructor will indicate the conditions for assigning the alternate grade option. The selection is to be made during the first three class sessions. Students must submit an application for an alternate grade option to the instructor for approval. After approval by the course instructor, the top portion of this form is to be retained by the instructor and the bottom portion is to be filed in the Registrar’s Office by the end of the third class session. Once the grade option has been approved and received in the Registrar’s Office, it becomes final and may not be changed.

Courses offered only for P or F grades will at no time show an evaluative letter grade on the transcript and courses normally offered for evaluative letter grades (i.e., A, B, C, or F) will not received P/F grades unless this grade option form is filed in the Registrar’s Office by the end of the third class session. Change In Grade Mode Form 

Psychology in Education Exit Survey 

At the completion of the project, make sure not to leave any loose ends. The student is responsible for turning in the project on time. To submit a digital copy of your Integrative Project, fill out the Psychology in Education Exit Survey.  It is a required survey for all graduating students. At the end of the survey, students will be able to upload a PDF version of your final Integrative Project.

Note that late submissions will delay your graduation.


Sponsor Information Form 

Students are required to select a Sponsor to assist with the Integrative Project. The Sponsor should demonstrate expertise in the content area that the student would like to focus on. The Sponsor must be approved at time of the student's formal proposal by the Program Director who functions as the de facto Integrative Projects Advisor to all of the students in the program.

An IP Sponsor is required to: (1) have completed doctoral education in their respective field (e.g., Ph.D, PsyD, MD, JD); (2) be knowledgeable about the content area the student is working in; (3) maintain a professional relationship with the student; and (4) Complete the Sponsor Information Form

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