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Spirituality Mind Body Summer Institute

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The Spirituality in Education Conference 2016

The Spirituality in Education Conference, co-sponsored by Teachers College, Columbia University and Magnificat High School and supported by The Rosemary Saas Center for Women of Faith in Leadership, will be held on October 27 & 28, 2016 in Rocky River, Ohio (near Cleveland). The Keynote Speaker will be TC's Dr. Lisa Miller, Professor of Psychology and Education, Director of the Clinical Psychology program, and founder and Executive Director of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute. Please go to the webpage below for more information regarding the schedule of events for each day, call for proposals, accommodations, and how to register. Registration fee is $100 per day with discounts available to workshop presenters.


SMBI Fellowship Program

SMBI Advisor Fellowship Positions Dear Graduating Students:  The SMBI Program is proud to introduce its Advisement Fellowship Program for the next 2016-2017 year. Graduating students are welcome to apply, though preferences for will be made for those with demonstrated experience. Duties include:


Spiritual Life Conference

The Spirituality Mind Body Institute (SMBI) at Teachers College, Columbia University is hosting its Second Annual National Spiritual Life Conference: Spiritual Activism in Daily Life – Personal and Professional Development on June 18th 2016. This groundbreaking conference will explore the intersection of science, psychology and education, integrating spiritual activism in daily life through practice guided by wisdom and science.

The Spiritual Life Conference: Spiritual Activism in Daily Life – Personal and Professional Development serves as a bridge between science, academia and the diverse worldwide community to address the needs of a rapidly changing world, with a cutting-edge, global spiritual platform that brings together scientists, educators, healers and spiritual leaders to inspire conversations that foster social connectedness and inclusive solutions to contribute to the higher good of the whole.


Podcasts Series

Spiritual Thinkers of Today is a podcast series dedicated to spirituality in science, practice and activism. Each podcast features world-renowned scientists, educators, healers and spiritual leaders sharing their expertise and experiences. The SMBI podcast series translates the language of science and research into practical application for everyday life.



Graduate students and faculty from SMBI are collaborating with colleagues from the Psychology Department at Beijing Normal University and other psychology-related organizations in China.


APA Journal: Spirituality in Clinical Practice (SCP)

The SCP is a practice-oriented journal of the American Psychological Association that encompasses spiritually oriented psychotherapy and spirituality-sensitive cultural approaches to treatment and wellness.


Opening of LEO

LEO, within the Spirituality Mind Body Institute (SMBI) at Teachers College, Columbia University, is the foremost Ivy League spiritually integrated wellness center for graduate training. Our innovative offerings are grounded in the science of spiritual life–promoting inner work for outer change. LEO offers a developmental space within the multiple disciplines of Teachers College, Columbia University. LEO offers spiritually integrated work that is accessible to all, and establishes vibrant spiritual communities that nurture the individual to serve the whole.


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