Equine Therapy and PTSD | Spirituality Mind Body Summer Institute | Counseling & Clinical Psychology

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Spirituality Mind Body Summer Institute

Equine Therapy and PTSD


Faculty: Lisa Miller, Ph.D. Professor & Founder, Spirituality and Mind-Body Institute

Dates: April 15 from 3-5 pm (online session),April 21, 22 (in person), April 29 from 3-5 pm (online session) May 5, 6, 2018 (in person)

Description: The guidance, wisdom and companionship of animals is well understood in history and literature, supporting the bedrock of animal communication, relationships and connection. Recently, within the past few decades, a body of research shows age old relationship both in treatment and education. However, treatment and education have yet to fully realize the wave of innovation focusing on pedagogical experiences, with direct work of animals. Innovative practitioners open a new era based on science and direct experiences. This class is intended for people of service, to include activists, emerging psychotherapists, healers and teachers.

Location: Brewster, N.Y.

Fees: $200 course fee

How to apply: Registration for this course remains open.  No additional prerequisites are required.

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