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Spirituality Mind Body Summer Institute

Intersections of Science, Practice and Activism in Spiritual Psychology


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Course Title: Intersections of Science, Practice and Activism in Spiritual Psychology

Faculty: Lisa Miller, Ph.D. Professor & Founder, Spirituality and Mind-Body Institute

Dates: February 8-11

Description: The course Intersections of Science, Practice and Activism in Spiritual Psychology offers a unique pedagogical model as a “crossroads" for spiritual leaders and thinkers from around the globe. The SMBI graduate student is invited on a one-week inner journey via exposure to a very broad range of spiritual perspectives. We prioritize experiential learning, interfaced with science, insights from world traditions, and profession building drawn from diverse spiritual expressions and practices. The crossroads model was designed by Dr. Lisa Miller based upon her twenty years of teaching about spirituality in psychology at Columbia University, Teachers College. Based on working with graduate students, a hunger became clear for an academic experience that weaves together direct lived experience with science and service.

During the course, Intersections of Science, Practice and Activism in Spiritual Psychology, Dr. Miller invites students to engage in a broad range of spiritual experiences, narratives and perspectives, as events along a pilgrimage. In this sense, students are invited to welcome visiting scholars as part of their own inner quest, in the spirit of expedition. The goal of the course is not that a student will necessarily embrace or "buy" any specific perspective, but rather have a rich journey. By the end of this course the hope is that students have had an opportunity to expand in capacity to explore, experience and understand personal spirituality, and that all of this might lead to service and contribution.

Location: Sedona, Arizona at Sedona Mago Retreat Center

Fees: $850 a course fee

How to apply: As this is an off-site course there is an additional required step to gain permission to register, a brief interview.  Interviews will be conducted between October 15 and December 15, 2017. To have your name put on the list of applicants please send an email of interest to Peri Zarella at

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