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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

The Department of Curriculum & Teaching

MA: Early Childhood Education- Special Education/Dual Certification- Initial

Course requirements for M.A. students seeking initial dual certification as both early childhood teachers and teachers of students with disabilities in early childhood (birth–8 years):

Core Courses

  • C&T 4080               Risk and resilience in early development: Birth-8 years (3)
  • C&T 4112               Integrated curriculum in early childhood (6)
  • C&T 4302               Supervised practicum in the assessment of young children with exceptionalities (3)
  • C&T 4708               Student teaching- infancy and early childhood (two terms) (6)
  • C&T 5308               Advanced practicum-infancy and early child-hood (2-3)
  • C&T 5118               Infant and toddler development and practice (3)

Methods Courses

  • A&HM 4022           The artistic lives of young children (2)
  • C&T 4131               Language and literacy in the early childhood curriculum (3)
  • C&T 4132               Learning and teaching in the primary reading/writing classroom (3)
  • HBSS 4116             Health education for teachers (1)
  • HUDK 4027            Development of mathematical thinking (3)

Foundation Courses

  • HBSE 4001             Teaching students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms (2)
  • C&T 4083               Working with families of young children with disabilities (2);  OR
  • C&T 4615               Young children, families, and social policy (2)
  • C&T 4114               Multicultural approaches to teaching young children (3)
  • Out of Dept.           Special education elective (2);  OR
  • C&T 4308               In lieu of an elective, students can opt to take C&T 4308 - Introduction to Diverse Early Childhood Classrooms

Culminating Project:

Students complete an integrated portfolio over the course of the program reflecting their growth as an early childhood teacher.

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