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Curriculum and Teaching

Curriculum & Teaching

Department Faculty

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Faculty List



Visiting Faculty


Full-Time Instructors


Kelly M. Deluca

Research Assistant

Ayesha Rabadi Raol

Part Time Instructor

Lara Steensland Mullarkey

Student Teacher Supervisor

Anne Lin Goodwin

Evenden Professor of Education and Vice Dean

Detra Michelle Price-Dennis

Assistant Professor Elementary & Inclusive Education

Celia S. Genishi

Professor Emerita of Education

Thomas Hatch

Professor of Education

Kara Maureen Gavin

Part Time Instructor

Mariana V. Souto-Manning

Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education

Mia Hood

Adjunct Professor

Michelle Georgia Knight-Manuel

Professor of Education

Tara Eve Schwitzman

Part Time Instructor

Elizabeth Drennan

Part Time Instructor

James H Borland

Professor of Education

Maria Paula Ghiso

Associate Professor of Literacy Education

Lisa Ruth Wright

Director, Hollingworth Center

Elaine S. Perlman


Suzanne Pratt


Norah J Mallaney

Part Time Instructor

Marjorie Siegel

Professor of Education

Mary Ann Chacko

Adjunct Professor

Claire Marie Feldman

Full Time Instructor

Katherine Scott Newhouse

Graduate Assistant

Daniel Friedrich

Associate Professor of Curriculum

Haeny S. Yoon

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education

Heather J. Pinedo-Burns

Director, Hollingworth Preschool

Kara G. Hollins

Full Time Professional Staff

Rigoberto Marquez

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Nancy Louise Lesko

Maxine Greene Professor for Distinguished Contributions to Education

Jessica Martell

One Time Payment: 2018 RESI Workshop Facilitators

Michael G. Wilson

Celia Oyler

Professor of Education

Kiran Purohit

Part Time Instructor

Srikala Naraian

Associate Professor of Education

Seth d McCall

Research Assistant

Lakisha Howell

PT Staff Developer

EunKyoung Chung

Adjunct Professor

Elizabeth Rose Rollins

Full Time Instructor

Karen Zumwalt

Edward Evenden Professor Emerita of Education

Lucy M Calkins

Robinson Professor in Children's Literature

Jordan Corson

Research Assistant

Rachel Powers Knight

Part Time Instructor

Anna Elizabeth Salargo

Full Time Instructor & Student Teacher Coordinator

Susan Recchia

Professor of Education

Jacqueline Ann Simmons

Senior Lecturer

Dirck Roosevelt

Associate Professor of Practice
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