About DFI

About the TC Digital Futures Institute

Teachers College Digital Futures Institute (DFI) is an interdisciplinary hub for digital innovation, with a mission to advance more just social futures that is driven by research, pedagogy, and public engagement.

The concept “digital futures” is a nod to the entangled nature of social life – and all of its vicissitudes – with rapidly changing advancements in technologies. DFI approaches this productive entanglement from a position of support, catalyst, and partnership.

DFI builds upon a strong legacy of innovation at Teachers College, beginning with The College’s very founding on principles of equity and justice. Over the past several decades, Teachers College has continued to innovate in its technology landscape, with one eye on meeting community needs and another eye focused on innovation just past the horizon. DFI holds these commitments together under a dual mandate of Service and Scholarship.

Our Services are organized into four units: 

These units work together to provide continued excellence in course design, media creation, curating and designing immersive learning experiences, training and access to instructional and research software, and other needs that arise. DFI’s menu of services will continue to evolve in response to institutional needs and capacity.

As we work to streamline and strengthen digital services across the College, the DFI team is also engaged in developing projects to support digital scholarship that will have a broader impact within and beyond the College. You can read about DFI’s research vision and learn more about our public scholarship initiatives and other projects in development here. 

We are looking forward to working with you.

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