Media Creation

DFI collaborates with Teachers College faculty to create and support the creation of media for use in pedagogy and research. Together we produce original podcasts and video series, support multimodal research, and provide trainings and resources to help faculty grow their use of media.

Podcast Series

DFI partners with Teachers College podcasters through the co-production of original series, partnership and training with campus collaborators, and access to audio production space and equipment at our Macy Studios podcasting station. Below are podcasts either co-produced or supported by DFI.

Featured Episode

Listen to the trailer for our brand new podcast launching this Spring, Pop and Play! From Professors Nathan Holbert and Haeny Yoon, Pop and Play is a podcast that asks educators, researchers, parents and kids to take play seriously. But not too seriously! The hosts and guests play games, talk pop culture and get theoretical and practical about play in education and beyond.

Visit the Pop and Play page for trailer transcript, episode pages and transcripts, and more.


DFI Supported Podcasts

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How's School

The truth is, we care about our young people, dare we say, even worry about them. But staying connected to their world and all the complexity they navigate can be a real challenge. The issues we look at include education, health, and psychology, but at the core is their well-being. And our ability to face things that impact them without losing heart.

(Re)Search for Solutions

(Re)Search for Solutions

Season 1 of the (Re)Search for Solutions podcast is a limited series focusing on unexpected and creative ways that researchers are looking at solutions to the persistence of gun violence. To develop these stories, we collaborate with the experts (professors, community members, doctors, activists, teachers, and more) to understand the stories surrounding their work.

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Pop and Play

Pop and Play is a podcast from Teachers College, Columbia University about play and pop culture. Professors Haeny Yoon and Nathan Holbert take play seriously. They talk with educators, parents and kids about how they play in their work and their lives, and why play matters.

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Currents: A IUME Podcast

Video Series

Just One Thing text logo

Open quotesIn Just One Thing five Teachers College faculty reflect on one thing from all that we’ve learned and experienced since March 2020 that they want to make sure we don’t forget. The responses range in topic and tone, but they share a common theme of learning to better connect and care for one another.Close quotes

Support for Media Production

Media creation self-help guides

Looking to up the quality of your course videos or audio? DFI maintains self-help guides and documentation.

Audio, video planning and production

Looking to pilot media creation for courses and research endeavors? DFI can help you plan and execute your media project.

Off-campus video and audio production consultation

Making media or streaming from home? DFI can help you get the best out of your home setup.

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