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Pop and Play

A podcast on play and pop culture from Teachers College, Columbia University. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen.

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Our music is selections from Leafeaters by Podington Bear, Licensed under CC (BY-NC) 3.0.

Meet Your Hosts

Haeny Yoon
Associate Professor of Early Childhood in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching

Haeny Yoon is an Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education in the Dept. of Curriculum and Teaching. She works with both pre and in-service teachers in designing spaces for children’s play and inquiry. She is also the faculty co-director of the Rita Gold Early Childhood Center, serving children from infant-PreK. The center provides a play-based, emergent curriculum model that forefronts children agency and imagination as central to children’s development. 

Nathan Holbert
Nathan Holbert
Associate Professor in the Program of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design

Nathan Holbert is a dad who designs stuff and builds stuff. He also plays a lot of games. He’s quite lucky to be able to design, build, and play as an Associate professor of Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design at Teachers College, Columbia University. Nathan likes to build and study playful tools and technologies that help kids make things they care about or ask questions about the world around them.

Nathan is co-editor of Designing Constructionist Futures: The Art, Theory, and Practice of Learning Designs and Founding Director of the Snow Day Learning Lab.

Trailer Transcript

[playful music plays, then fades behind voices]

Haeny: My name is Haeny Yoon, and I'm an Associate Professor of Early Childhood in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching.

Nathan: This' Nathan Holbert. I'm an Assistant Professor in the Program of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design.

Haeny: We're excited to introduce Pop and Play. A new podcast from Teachers College.

Nathan: We really like to play. And so we decided we should make a podcast about it. This is a podcast about pop culture, and a podcast about play. Not a scholarly exercise of defining terms, but rather an act of playful construction. Of building out the possibility space of play. Its tools, its artifacts, its focus and purpose - and, we think - its value to the world.

Haeny: So we do this by having conversations with scholars, artists, designers, parents and kids about how and why they play.

Nathan: We think this question matters. Not just to satisfy our own playful curiosity, but also because we believe the act of collectively making the world a better place for all people goes straight through play.

Haeny: So every episode, we'll invite a guest to come and chat, hang out and play with us. We'll talk to them about how play is part of their scholarship, their work, but most importantly their lives.

Nathan: And along the way, we'll probably play with some stuff too.

[audio clip from game being played]

Nathan: I- Is it a cardboard box?

Lalitha: No.

Nathan: [laughs]

Haeny: 's very specific.

Lalitha: [laughs] [indistinct]

Nathan: Ah yeah, sorry sorry. [laughs]

Haeny: You just took a big risk there.

Lalitha: I know.

Haeny: [laughs]

Nathan: I went- I went for it!

[Haeny and Lalitha laugh]

Nathan: Just think, if I'd been right, we would have all been like whooooah!

[all laugh]

[back to narration]

Haeny: The music here is a selection from Leafeaters by Podington Bear. Subscribe to Pop and Play wherever you listen to your podcasts.

[music fades out]

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