Meal Plans Overview

Meal Plans Overview

TC Dining Plans


Meal Plan 

TC Dining Dollars

Who Can Use It?

Any enrolled Teacher College student.

Any enrolled Teacher College student.

How Does It Work?

Students will sign-up through MyTc.  The Meal Plan costs $1120/semester which will provide 65 meal credits and $500 TC Dining Dollars.  The meal credits can be used to purchase tax-free preset meals, (e.g., select entree ot sandwich, side (fruit or cookie) and fountain  beverage)  in the Grace Dodge Dining Hall.  The TC Dining Dollars is the declining balance program (see right column for details).

A dollar-for-dollar, tax-free declining balance account accessed through Teachers College University ID card.

Where Can I Use It?

Grace Dodge Dining Hall and Everett Cafe.

Grace Dodge Dining Hall and Everett Cafe.

When Does It Expire?

Unused meals for the Fall will rollover to the Spring semester provided you continue to be enrolled. At any point you use all of your meals, you can purchase another meal plan.   Any unused meals will be forfeited at the end Spring 2023 semester (May 12, 2023) or at the end of your enrollment whichever comes first.

TC Dining Dollar balances are available from September 6, 2022 until August 15, 2023 provided student has not graduated or ceased being enrolled during Fall, Spring or Summer Term.  Unused funds will be forfeit upon graduation or by August 15, whichever occurs first as you must be entrolled as a student to use TC Dining Dollar$. 

Is It Tax-Free?

Yes  Yes

How Much Does It Cost?

$1120/semester which will provide 65 meal credits and $500 TC Dining Dollar$.

It's up to you!

How Do I Get It?

Meal Plans are purchased through MyTC.  A sign-up email will be sent to all students once the meal plan is available for purchase.

Stop by any Cashier in the Everett Café or Grace Dodge Dining Hall to make a cash deposit and begin enjoy tax free dining!

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