TC Catering Policy

Catering Policy

The College Catering Policy states that TC Dining Services partner is the exclusive caterer on campus and as such they maintain the first right of refusal to provide service in all campus buildings for all catering that occurs.  A catering order is considered any order for food/beverages for eight or more people. There are a few exceptions to this policy and questions should be referred to the 

For small or incidental food purchases that are allowable under the College‚Äôs Travel & Expense and Petty Cash policies, departments do not need to order from TC Dining Services.  However, these types of food purchases are paid for by a College employee and then the employee is reimbursed via existing petty cash expense reimbursement procedures.  Examples of this may include providing snacks (which you go to the grocery store and buy) for a lunchtime meeting (chips and salsa for three to five people, dozen donuts for three to five people for a breakfast meeting, etc) but only up to the individual petty cash reimbursement amount which is up to $100.00 and only for a group of people less than eight.  Departments may not piece together multiple petty cash reimbursements to circumvent the catering policy.

Therefore, all food orders/food purchases that are for eight or more people and involves prepared food being brought onto campus by any outside agency is not allowed under the Campus Catering Policy.  Additionally, College employees may not purchase prepared food and bring that food onto campus and expect to be reimbursed for said food unless it fall into the category of small or incidental food purchases mentioned above.

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