ASHA Grant Awarded

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Developing Language and Literacy Laboratory

ASHA Grant Awarded

Dr. Anne Larson (Utah State University), Dr. Carol Hammer and Dr. Melissa Baralt (Florida International University) received a grant from the America Speech-Language-Hearing Association to implement and test the effectiveness of a parent training intervention, Háblame Bebé (Talk to Me Baby; Baralt, Darcy-Mahoney & Brito, in prep)

Háblame Bebé is a text-based coaching program and app that teaches parents that they are their baby’s first and best teacher by explaining how and why to give Language Nutrition within simple, every-day routines. Háblame Bebé uses video examples, text message tips, and reminders. Mothers are incentivized by earning hearts in the app when they incorporate and document use of Language Nutrition in daily routines. Mothers can also record their baby’s developing vocabulary into a bilingual word registry.

The current study will test the impact of Háblame Bebé with a sample of mothers of Mexican descent, the nation’s largest Hispanic origin group (Pew Research Center, 2017). The results of this study will inform whether Háblame Bebé is effective in assisting mothers as they provide language supports to their children and in promoting children’s language development.