DLL Members and Alumni at 2017 SRCD Conference

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Developing Language and Literacy Laboratory

DLL Members and Alumni Present at 2017 SRCD Conference

The DLL lab was strongly represented at the 2017 Society for Research on Child Development annual conference in Austin April 6 – 8. Dr. Carol Scheffner Hammer, postdoctoral fellow Dr. Maria Cristina (Cricket) Limlingan, and lab alums Drs. Dana Bitetti, Lauren Cycyk, Kandia Lewis, Brook Sawyer, and Lia Sandilos presented at the following poster and paper sessions:

April 6, 2017 (Thursday)

Understanding the Quality of Classroom Language Learning Environments Using the Language Interaction Snapshot
Presenter(s): Carol Scheffner Hammer and Brook Sawyer
Contexts for Communication: Understanding Latino Preschool DLLs’ Language Skills, Home and Classroom Language Environment
Presenter(s): Maria Cristina Limlingan, Dana Bitteti and Lauren Cycyk
Variability in exposure to and use of L1 and L2, quality of teaching practices, and the language development of bilingual children
Presenter(s): Carol Scheffner Hammer, Margaret Burchinal, Linda Espinosa, Eugene Garcia and Ximena Franco


April 7, 2017 (Friday)



Quality Matters: An in-depth look into policies, practices, and language interactions within preschool programs serving DLLs
Discussant: Carol Scheffner Hammer
Variations in Classroom Language Environments of Preschool Children who are Low-Income and Linguistically Diverse
Presenter(s): Brook Sawyer, Sally Atkins-Burnett, Carol Scheffner Hammer, and Lisa Lopez



April 8, 2017 (Saturday)

Considering the Early Language Input of Diverse Caregivers: a Study of Mexican Immigrant Homes
Presenter(s): Lauren Cycyk and Carol Scheffner Hammer

Synthesizing Studies Examining Cultural and Linguistic Factors in Language-Promoting Intervention
Presenter(s): Anne Larson, Judith Carta, Carol Scheffner Hammer, Zhe An, Lauren Cycyk, Yuuko Uchikoshi, Melissa Baralt
Turning everyday family practices into effective language and literacy interventions for preschool and kindergarten children
Discussant(s): Carol Scheffner Hammer
Classroom Language Contexts as Predictors of Latino Dual Language Learners’ School Readiness
Presenter(s): Maria Cristina Limlingan