Two New Articles Released from the DLL Lab

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Two New Articles Published from the DLL Lab

Check out two new articles from the DLL lab. The first article is by Dr. Carol Hammer and lab alum, Dana Bitteti, ‘A population-based study of later talkers’ school readiness accepted for publication in the Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing Research. The purposes of study were to: “(a) identify sociodemographic, pregnancy and birth, family health, and parenting and child care risk factors for being a late talker at 24 months of age; (b) determine whether late talkers continue to have low vocabulary at 48 months; and (c) investigate whether being a late talker plays a unique role in children’s school readiness at 60 months.”

The article can be accessed through this link:


The second article currently in press in the International Journal of Bilingualism is an article by Dr. Carol Hammer and lab alums, Jessica Willard, Dana Bitteti and Lauren Cycyk, “Mothers’ depressive symptoms and their children’s Turkish heritage language vocabulary development”. The study examined associations between mothers’ depressive symptoms and the Turkish heritage vocabulary of their school-age children.

The article can be accessed through this link: