Upcoming Summer 2017 Conference Presentations

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Developing Language and Literacy Laboratory

Completed Summer 2017 Conference Presentations

Dr. Lauren Cycyk stands with posters presented at the International Association for the Study of Child Language in France last July 17 – 21, 2017. The first poster is “Language and Literacy Trajectories of Spanish-English Bilingual Children Growing Up in the United States” by Dr. Carol Hammer and lab alums Jessica Willard and Dr. Dana Bittei. The second poster is “A Mixed-Methods Approach to Studying the Early Home Language Environment: A Case Study of Spanish-speaking Dual Language Learners” by lab alum Dr. Lauren Cyck and Dr. Carol Hammer. 

The DLL lab also had presentations in two other international conferences this summer. At the International Child Phonology Conference last May 31 – June 2, 2017 in Washington, DC Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Bethany Keffala, lab alum Dr. Shelley Scarpino and Dr. Carol Scheffner Hammer presented, “Bilingual preschoolers’ substitutions for target rhotics in English and Spanish”

Last June 11 – 15, 2017, Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Bethany Keffala, Dr. Carol Scheffner Hammer and lab alum Dr. Shelley Scarpino participated in a colloquium, “Normative Data on Phonological Acquisition in Bilingual Spanish-English Speaking Children: Converging Evidence from Five-Year-Olds” at the International Bilinguals Conference in Limerick, Ireland. Their presentation was on “Language Dominance Affects Consonant Production Accuracy in Spanish-English Bilingual Children”.