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Office of Doctoral Studies

Ed.D. First Deposit Gateway

Now that you have successfully defended your Dissertation, your last remaining academic requirement is to complete your Dissertation deposits.

The Doctor of Education degree has a total of two deposits:  The First Deposit and the Final Deposit
The First Deposit
Your Dissertation Oral Defense Committee may have directed you to make minor revisions (Line 1) or major revisions (Line 2) to your Dissertation.  Once you have made these revisions, you are ready to being the First Deposit process.  Please be sure to review all the information on this page carefully.
There are three steps to completing the First Deposit:
1) Obtain the original signed copy of your Dissertation Manuscript Approval Form.  You will have received this form from ODS as an enclosure prior to your defense via E-mail.
If you received a Line 1 decision (Minor Revisions), this form is only signed by your sponsor.
If you received a Line 2 decision (Major Revisions), this form is signed by your Dissertation Manuscript Revision Committee
2) One copy of your Dissertation manuscript formatted as per the Teachers College Manual of Style e-mailed in pdf form to ods@tc.columbia.edu.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Abstract is no longer required to be initialed by your sponsor.
PLEASE NOTE: The Dissertation manuscript must meet minimum standards as set in Appendix A of the Teachers College Manual of Style.  If it does not meet these minimum standards, the manuscript will be returned to the candidate unaccepted. Applicable deadlines will still be in effect if the manuscript is returned to the candidate.

Please submit both the Dissertation Manuscript Approval form and your approved manuscript in pdf format to ods@tc.columbia.edu.

Upon submission and approval of the first deposit, a candidate's Dissertation manuscript is reviewed by both the Manager of the Office of Doctoral Studies and an outside reviewer.  Depending on the number of Dissertation manuscripts that the reviewer has at the moment, this review could take several weeks or longer.
Upon receipt of the outside reviewer's corrections, the candidate will be sent an E-mail directing them to proceed to the Ed.D. Final Deposit Gateway.
Final Deposit

When the candidate has made the corrections of both the Office of Doctoral Studies and the outside reviewer, the candidate is ready to make the Final Deposit.

Please proceed to the Ed.D. Final Deposit Gateway to begin.

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