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Policy Student Network

At Teachers College, the study of policy extends far beyond the classroom. Graduate students from across the College and Columbia University have organized a forum, the Policy Student Network (PSN), for sharing their academic and professional interests and organizing events that enrich their education.

The Policy Student Network plays three important roles in the policy experience at Teachers College:

  1. It provides a vehicle for the exchange of information and ideas among policy students from diverse disciplines, programs, and schools;
  1. It provides opportunities for students to actively shape policy-related activities
  1. It provides opportunities for faculty-student discourse around policy issues of importance to the Columbia community.

The PSN provides an informal forum for sharing thoughts, policy experiences, internships and job opportunities, course advice, and recent work. It is in these capacities that the PSN links students to one another and to policy activities that transcend the formal educational experience. Furthermore, because the Network includes Columbia social work, public affairs, and arts and sciences graduate students among its ranks, the PSN listserve is a valuable resource for the continued interdisciplinary contact among diverse policy students.

Spurred by its second role, the PSN regularly sponsors activities that enrich the academic experience of students on campus. The PSN invites distinguished professors from TC and other institutions to share their expertise at Brown Bag Luncheons. In March 2007, the PSN, along with the Politics and Education program held a Graduate Student Education, Politics, and Social Policy Conference to foster intellectual exchange among students and faculty from Teachers College and Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, School of Social Work, and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The PSN also organizes alumni panels for academic and professional advice, as well as networking, and broadcasts opportunities for internships, fellowships, and jobs.

Launched in 2006 by graduate students and the Office of Policy and Research (OPR), the PSN currently counts almost 500 students in its membership. The PSN is run by two student coordinators, Michelle Hodara and Vikash Reddy, who organize events and strive to strengthen the links between TC and other Columbia University graduate schools in order to expand the interdisciplinary offerings available to policy-inclined students.

For more information about the PSN, or to be added to the PSN listserve, contact Vikash Reddy at reddy@tc.edu.

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