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Journal Articles

Note: * indicates graduate student co-author

Graves, K.E.*, Bowers, A.J. (2018) Toward a Typology of Technology-Using Teachers in the "New Digital Divide": A Latent Class Analysis (LCA) of the NCES Teachers' Use of Educational Technology in U.S. Public Schools, 2009 (FRSS 95).Teachers College Record, 120(8).


Boyce, J.*, Bowers, A.J. (2018) Towards an Evolving Conceptualization of Instructional Leadership as Leadership for Learning: Meta-Narrative Review of 109 Quantitative Studies Across 25 Years. Journal of Educational Administration, 56(2), p.161-182 ( Preprint available )


Boyce, J.*, Bowers, A.J. (2018) Different Levels of Leadership for Learning: Investigating Differences Between Teachers Individually and Collectively Using Multilevel Factor Analysis of the 2011-12 Schools and Staffing Survey. International Journal of School Leadership, 21(2), p. 197-225 ( Preprint available )


Agasisti, T., Bowers, A.J. (2017) Data Analytics and Decision-Making in Education: Towards the Educational Data Scientist as a Key Actor in Schools and Higher Education Institutions. In Johnes, G., Johnes, J., Agasisti, T., López-Torres, L. (Eds.) Handbook of Contemporary Education Economics (184-210). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. (Preprint Available)


Bowers, A.J. (2017) Quantitative Research Methods Training in Education Leadership and Administration Preparation Programs as Disciplined Inquiry for Building School Improvement Capacity. Journal of Research on Leadership Education, 12(1), p. 72-96. ( Preprint available )


Bowers, A.J., Blitz, M., Modeste, M., Salisbury, J., Halverson, R. (2017) How Leaders Agree with Teachers in Schools on Measures of Leadership Practice: A Two-Level Latent Class Analysis of the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning. Teachers College Record, 119(4). ( Preprint available )


Wang, Y., Bowers, A.J., Fikis, D.* (2017) Automated Text Data Mining Analysis of Five Decades of Educational Leadership Research Literature: Probabilistic Topic Modeling of EAQ Articles from 1965 to 2014. Educational Administration Quarterly, 53(2), p. 289- 323 ( Preprint available )


Davis, B.W., Gooden, M.A., Bowers, A.J. (2017) Pathways to the Principalship: An Event History Analysis of the Careers of Teachers with Administrator Certification. American Educational Research Journal, 54(2), p.207-240. ( Preprint available )


Boyce, J.*, Bowers, A.J. (2016) Principal Turnover: Are there Different Types of Principals Who Move From or Leave Their Schools? A Latent Class Analysis of the 2007-08 Schools and Staffing Survey and the 2008-09 Principal Follow-up Survey. Leadership and Policy in Schools, 15(3), p. 237-272. ( Preprint available )


Ni, X., Bowers, A.J., Esswein, J. (2016) What Counts in Calculating School and District Level Performance Index Scores: A Summary and Analysis of Academic Performance Index Metrics across the 50 States. Teachers College, Columbia University.


Wang, Y., Bowers, A.J. (2016) Mapping the Field of Educational Administration Research: A Journal Citation Network Analysis of the Discipline. Journal of Educational Administration, 54(3), p. 242-269. ( Preprint available )


Bowers, A.J. (2016)  What do Teacher Assigned Grades Measure? A One Page Research Summary. Teachers College, Columbia University.


Brookhart, S.,  Guskey, T., Bowers, A.J.,  McMillan, J. Smith, L. Smith, J., Welsh, M. (2016) One Hundred Years of Grading Research: Meaning and Value in the Most Common Educational Measure. Review of Educational Research, 86(4), p. 803-848 ( Preprint available ) 


Bowers, A.J., Chen, J.* (2015) Ask and Ye Shall Receive? Automated Text Mining of Michigan Capital Facility Finance Bond Election Proposals to Identify which Topics are Associated with Bond Passage and Voter Turnout. Journal of Education Finance, 41(2), p.164-196. ( Preprint available )


Bowers, A.J. (2015). Site Selection in School District Research: A Measure of Effectiveness Using Hierarchical Longitudinal Growth Models of Performance. School Leadership & Management, 35(1) p. 39-61. ( Preprint available )


Bowers, A.J., Shoho, A.R., Barnett, B.G (2015) The Multiple Futures of the Field of Educational Leadership Research and Practice – An Introduction. In A.J. Bowers, A.R. Shoho, B. G. Barnett (Eds.) Challenges and Opportunities of Educational Leadership Research and Practice: The State of the Field and Its Multiple Futures (p.1-14). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing Inc.


Bowers, A. J., Shoho, A. R., & Barnett, B. G. (2014). Considering the Use of Data by School Leaders for Decision Making. In A. J. Bowers, A. R. Shoho & B. G. Barnett (Eds.), Using Data in Schools to Inform Leadership and Decision Making(pp.1-16). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


Bowers, A. J., & White, B. R. (2014). Do Principal Preparation and Teacher Qualifications Influence Different Types of School Growth Trajectories in Illinois? A Growth Mixture Model Analysis. Journal of Educational Administration, 52(5), 705-736. doi: 10.1108/JEA-12-2012-0134  ( Preprint available )


Ingle, W.K., Bowers, A.J., Davis, T. (2014) Which School Districts Qualified for Federal School Facility Funding Under ARRA? Evidence from Ohio. Journal of Education Finance, 40(1), p.17-37. 


Urick, A., Bowers, A.J. (2014) How does Principal Perception of Academic Climate Measure Up? The Impact of Principal Perceptions on Student Academic Climate and Achievement in High School. Journal of School Leadership, 24(2), 386-414.


Urick, A., Bowers, A.J. (2014) What are the Different Types of Principals Across the U.S.? A Latent Class Analysis of Principal Perception of Leadership. Educational Administration Quarterly, 50(1), 96-134. doi:10.1177/0013161X13489019. (Preprint available )


Bowers, A.J., Lee, J. (2013) Carried or Defeated? Examining the Factors that Predict School District Bond Elections in Texas, 1998-2009. Educational Administration Quarterly,49(5), 732-767. doi: 10.1177/0013161X13486278 (Preprint available


Bowers, A.J., Sprott, R., Taff, S.A. (2013) Do we Know Who Will Drop Out? A Review of the Predictors of Dropping out of High School: Precision, Sensitivity and Specificity. The High School Journal, 96(2), 77-100. doi:10.1353/hsj.2013.0000 (Preprint available


Bowers, A.J., Berland, M. (2013) Does Recreational Computer Use Affect High School Achievement? Educational Technology Research & Development, 61(1), 51-69.doi:10.1007/s11423-012-9274-1 (Preprint available)


Barnett, B. G., Shoho, A. R., & Bowers, A. J. (2013). Introduction to Volume 4 of the International Research on School Leadership Book Series. In B. G. Barnett, A. R. Shoho & A. J. Bowers (Eds.), School and District Leadership in an Era of Accountability (pp. 1-12). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing Inc.


Bowers, A.J., Sprott, R. (2012) Why Tenth Graders Fail to Finish High School: A Dropout Typology Latent Class Analysis. The Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR), 17(3), 129-148. doi:10.1080/10824669.2012.692071 (Preprint Available


Bowers, A.J., Sprott, R. (2012) Examining the Multiple Trajectories Associated with Dropping Out of High School: A Growth Mixture Model Analysis. The Journal of Educational Research, 105(3), 176-195. doi:10.1080/00220671.2011.552075 ( Preprint Available )