II. Notification of the Office of EH&S

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Environmental Health and Safety

The Office of

Environmental Hazards Policy & Responsibilities

II. Notification of the Office of EH&S:

All projects and other events which may potentially involve environmental components must be reported directly to the office of EH&S immediately by phone or utilizing the appropriate form. Examples of such situations are:

  • Maintenance projects
  • General construction & renovation
  • Emergency pipe breaks and floods
  • Electrical work above suspended ceilings, boiler plants
  • Any work in the steam tunnels, or other mechanical equipment areas
  • Building demolition

When the following materials/building components may potentially be impacted, the EH&S office shall be notified:

  • Thermal system insulation (pre-1975) including pipe insulation, boiler jackets, etc.
  • Trowelled-on wall & ceiling plaster (pre-1940)
  • Acoustical ceilings (pre-1975)
  • Floor tiles & rolled linoleum (pre-1980)
  • Suspended ceiling tiles (pre-1980)
  • Spray-on fireproofing (pre-1975)
  • Roofing (field and flashing)

When there is any potential for an asbestos containing material to be impacted the office of EH&S shall be notified immediately (212) 678-6640. The Teachers College manager responsible for the abatement is required to notify the office of EH&S of all pending work no less than 72 hours prior to commencement of work. Emergency work should be reported as soon as manager is aware of need.