2-16-2017 4th Annual Edmund W. Gordon Lecture | Teachers College Columbia University

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4th Annual Edmund W. Gordon Lecture by Professor Erica Walker

Hidden in Plain Sight: Lessons for Mathematics Education Seen Through A Storytelling Lens

Drawing on 20+ years of research with mathematics doers of all ages (ranging from elementary students to professional mathematicians), Professor Erica N. Walker will discuss the powerful potential of narratives and histories to facilitate significant mathematics learning and engagement for young people within and beyond schools. In addition she will discuss the implications of this work for heightening public interest in mathematics, improving representations of mathematics in popular culture, and promoting appreciation and understanding of mathematics by all, across multiple domains.


Erica N. Walker is Professor of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. An award-winning former high school mathematics teacher, her research focuses on the social and cultural factors that facilitate mathematics engagement, learning, and performance, especially for underserved students. Dr. Walker is the author of numerous journal articles as well as two books: Building Mathematics Learning Communities: Improving Outcomes in Urban High Schools (Teachers College Press, 2012) and Beyond Banneker: Black Mathematicians and the Paths to Excellence (SUNY Press, 2014).

5PM: Reception, Everett Lounge

6PM: Lecture, Milbank Chapel

4th Annual Edmund W. Gordon Lecture, Educating Harlem Lecture Series


February 16, 2017, 5:00 PM

February 16, 2017, 7:30 PM

Milbank Chapel