What Did You Say?! Navigating the Perils of Being Digitally Distracted

What Did You Say?! Navigating the Perils of Being Digitally Distracted

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Virtual Event
Alumni Relations
Open to:
Alumni, Current Students
Have you heard these phrases during your Zoom video conferences or calls?
  • “I need you to repeat what you said a few minutes ago.”
  • “I lost my connection.”
  • “I need everyone’s focus.”
Professionals pride themselves on their ability to stay connected and multi-task, but human behaviors often make this a challenge in our new virtual work space. In this webinar, Julienne Ryan (M.A. '99) will reveal the impact of what we are doing and not doing in our virtual communications, and how changing certain behaviors will help us communicate more effectively.  Whether you are seeking how to improve your Zoom video call experiences or navigate your in-person and or on-line communications, this session will provide practical tips that will enable you to solve your communication challenges.
Date: Wednesday, September 30
Time: 12:00 p.m. EDT

Julienne B. Ryan grew up in Queens, with three communication choices: be funny, fight, or run really fast. Ironically, everything she wanted to dismiss, avoid, or forget about her formative years has become useful now. Like a one woman sustainability project, she now encourages people to try their very best to appreciate the parts of themselves that make them unique. Besides being a writer, she is an applied narrative storyteller, a keynote speaker, facilitator, soft-skills trainer, coach, and--youBETTAhavenoticed--humorist.

She’s been married for decades to a Dublin Irishman. Most of what she's learned about communicating, patience, and performing comes from living with him, a man who never met a sentence he couldn’t make longer. She's been trying to get a word in edgewise for years, walking around looking like a 1960's Motown backup singer, holding up her hand so she could distract him. If she times it right, she can say a few words between his inhalations. But she has to be quick. 

As her husband often heard her say during one of their lively discussions, “I’ve had me book learning." She thanks the faculty at Manhattan College where she received her BA in Psychology & Urban Studies, and Teachers College at Columbia University where she earned her MA in Organizational and Development Leadership.

Learn more about her and her work at Jryanpartners.com.


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