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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Office of Facilities Management

Office of Facilities Management

Requesting Services

If you have a repair or maintenance issue, please contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at (212) 678-3010.


Our workforce of professional custodians provides routine cleaning for all building types (academic, administrative, and library). Services include general cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting, and trash removal, as well as event setup and support.  

Routine cleaning of lavatories / restrooms is a non-chargeable service. Custodial services are typically performed Monday through Friday, once per day.

Library & Common Space
Routine cleaning of Library, public areas, lounges and corridors, based on the College cleaning standards, are part of  custodial services  and is a non chargeable service. Additional custodial services (meaning more frequent service or items outside of the general cleaning standards) are available, and are billed on an hourly basis. If you hold an event in a public space, you may be responsible for additional cleaning costs. For more information see Additional Services.   

Routine cleaning of Offices is a non-chargeable service as part of routine custodial maintenance. In all campus buildings, office areas are generally cleaned Monday through Friday on various schedules. More frequent cleaning is available as an additional service. If you have questions about your schedule contact Kevin Waldron at X3010.

All instructional space falls under one of two categories: 
Registrar Managed Classroom: The College Registrar manages scheduling of most classrooms.  In registrar managed spaces the College provides for maintenance and repair costs.

Departmentally-Managed Classroom: Some academic department have rooms which they schedule. Which in these cases the department is responsible for maintenance costs.
Unsafe conditions in any instructional space should be immediately reported to Office of Facilities at (212) 678-3010 or to Public Safety at (212) 678-3333.  

In most campus buildings, classroom cleaning is performed Monday through Friday. 

If you wish to order additional custodial services for a departmentally controlled classroom, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding custodial maintenance in any classroom, please contact the office of Facilities at X3010. 

Routine Pest Management Services

Teachers College has contracted with an outside vendor to perform routine pest control services. Administrative and academic buildings receive monthly or more frequent service to reduce or eliminate insect and rodent activity through inspection, monitoring, and if necessary abatement measures. In addition, a technician is on campus during weekday business hours and performs pest control services as the need arises. For pest control services please submit a work request on the facilities

The College is committed to and actively supports recycling efforts. The Office of Facilities oversees recycling efforts throughout the campus and is responsible for providing and emptying recycling receptacles.

The College uses single stream recycling which means that paper, bottles, cans, and plastics can all be placed in the same receptacle.  These items go in our green bins and trash (everything else) should be placed in black bins.

In some locations you will notice non-color receptacles, in these instances please follow the label that is affixed to the receptacle.