Modrek, Anahid S. (asm2187)

Modrek, Anahid S.

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology (Thomas Jefferson University)

Office Hours:

By appointment.

Educational Background

  • BA, UC Berkeley, Psychology
  • PhD, Columbia University, Developmental Psychology

Scholarly Interests

cognitive development; pedagogy; self-regulation/control; autonomy; thinking and reasoning; learning v. achievement

Selected Publications

See a complete list of publications here:

Selected Publications:

Modrek, A. S., Hass, R., Kwako, A., Sandoval, W.A. (2021) Do adolescents want more autonomy? Testing gender differences in autonomy across STEM. Journal of Adolescence, 92, 237-246.

Modrek, A. & Ramirez, G. (2021) Cognitive regulation outdoes behavior regulation in predicting state standardized test scores over time. Metacognition and Learning, 16(1), 113-134.

Modrek, A. S. (2021) Accounting for cognitive costs: Can scientists be creative? Philosophical Psychology, 34(5), 756-759

Modrek, A. S., & Sandoval, W. A. (2020) Can autonomy play a role in causal reasoning? Cognitive Development, 54(C), 1-9.

Kuhn, D., Modrek, A. S., Sandoval, W. A. (2020). Teaching and Learning by Questioning. In L. Butler, S. Ronfard, & K. Corriveau (Eds.) The Questioning Child: Insights from Psychology and Education (pp.232–251). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.


Modrek, A. S., Kuhn, D., Conway, A., *Arvidsson, T. (2019) Cognitive regulation, not behavior regulation, predicts learning. Learning and Instruction, 60(C), 237-244.

Kuhn, D., & Modrek, A. (2018) Do reasoning limitations undermine discourse? Thinking & Reasoning, 24(1), 97-116.

Modrek, A., & Kuhn, D. (2017). A cognitive cost of the need to achieve? Cognitive Development, 44, 12-20.

Dr. Anahid Modrek is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Thomas Jefferson University, where she is PI directing the Leaning to Learn (L2L) Lab studying cognitive and sociocultural processes that affect the development of reasoning, learning, and achievement. Dr. Modrek’s research program bridges the fields of cognitive science and education, with L2L’s work guided by a broader goal of informing policy, practice, and intervention that aim to reduce societal inequalities, some of which stem from learning environments and social contexts. Prior to her appointment she completed postdoctoral fellowships at UCSD and UCLA as an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. William A. Sandoval. Dr. Modrek received her PhD in Developmental Psychology in 2016 working with Dr. Deanna Kuhn at Columbia University.

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