Beckford-Ogunleye, Carla A. (cb5)

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Beckford-Ogunleye, Carla
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Health & Behavior Studies

532D Thndk

Biographical Information

Dr. Carla Beckford’s current academic and clinical focus is on trauma, learning and resilience. She is especially focused on the needs of children and teens growing up in underserved areas. After graduating from the Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University and completing post-doctoral work in the educational, psychological and neuropsychological assessment of learning disabilities, she has worked at the historic Northside Center for Child Development – the mental health facility created by the psychologists whose research was successfully used to litigate Brown v. Board of Ed. Her aim is to understand the different pathways (eg., entrance into the juvenile justice system, substance use, risky sexual activities, early pregnancy,underemployment/unemployment, a variety of Axis I diagnoses) experienced by youth who are growing up in the context of trauma and persistent poverty. Her aim is to foster healthy and resilient pathways. 


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