Addey, Camilla C. (cca2126)

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Addey, Camilla
International & Transcultural Studies

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Biographical Information

Dr. Addey holds a PhD in Education from the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK) and a Masters from La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy). Since 2013, she has been co-directing the Laboratory of International Assessment Studies which brings together experts from around the world involved in International Large-Scale Assessments (ILSAs) within international organizations, research organisations and universities, government bodies, private companies and the media. After completing her PhD studies in 2014, Dr Addey was awarded a prestigious research fellowship (Fritz Thyssen Foundation) at the Centre for Comparative and International Education at Humboldt University in Berlin, where she lectured and carried out research on global education policy. Her current research focuses on the expansion of the OECD’s global education governance, the contextualization of global policy tools in lower and middle income contexts, and the involvement of the private sector in ILSAs. Before obtaining her PhD, Camilla worked at UNESCO on adult literacy and non-formal education. She works in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Scholarly Interests

Dr Addey’s expertise lies in global education governance, global education policy studies, and the sociology of quantification. Her areas of interest are International Large-Scale Assessments, the politics of international education indicators and learning metrics, international organizations (UNESCO and OECD), the recontextualization of global education policy ideas and tools, the privatization of education, and non-formal education. She has carried out comparative and qualitative research in Laos, Mongolia, Ecuador and Paraguay. 

Dr Addey teaches courses in Comparative Education; Educational Planning for International Education Development; Education Privatization; and Education Data Infrastructures (big data, digitalization, standardization and accountability in education). 

Selected Publications

•  Addey, C. (2018). PISA parties, midnight emails & red shoes: researching inside the international testing machine. In, Maddox, B, International Large-Scale Assessments in Education. Insider Research Perspectives. Bloomsbury. 

• Addey, C. and Sellar, S. (2018). Why do countries participate in PISA? Understanding the role of international large-scale assessments in global education policy. In A. Verger, M. Novelli and H. K. Altinyelken (Eds), Global Education Policy and International Development. London: Bloomsbury. Second Edition.

• Addey, C. (2018). The assessment culture of international organizations: from philosophical doubt to statistical certainty through the appearance and growth of international large-scale assessments. In C. Alarcón and M. Lawn (Eds), Assessment Cultures: Historical Perspectives. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Click here to read a blog on this publication. 

• Addey, C. 2018. Assembling literacy as global: the danger of a single story. In, The Palgrave International Handbook of Adult and Lifelong Education and Learning. (Ed.) Milana Marcella, Holford John, Webb Susan, J. Peter and W. Richard, Palgrave. 

• Addey, C. (2017). Golden relics & historical standards: how the OECD is expanding global education governance through PISA for Development. Critical Studies in Education.  DOI: 10.1080/17508487.2017.1352006
• Addey, C., Sellar, S., Steiner-Khamsi, G., Lingard, B. and Verger, A. (2017). The rise of international large-scale assessments and rationales for participation. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education. DOI Click here to read a blog on this publication. 
• Addey, C. (2016). PISA for Development and the sacrifice of policy-relevant data. Educação & Sociedade. V. 37(136), p.685-706. Also published in Portuguese.
• Hamilton M., Maddox B., Addey, C. (Eds.) (2015). Literacy as Numbers: Researching the Politics and Practices of International Literacy Assessment. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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