Miles, James (jac2452)

James Miles

FT Visiting Professor - Social Studies Program
Visiting Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education

Faculty Expertise:

Educational Background

Ph.D. University of Toronto

M.A. University of British Columbia

B.Ed. University of British Columbia

B.A. University of British Columbia

Scholarly Interests

History and social studies education, historical consciousness, historical thinking, memory studies, settler colonialism, difficult histories

Selected Publications

Journal Articles (refereed)

Miles, J. (2022). Guilt, complicity, and historical responsibility: Towards a pedagogy of complex implication. Pedagogy, Culture and Society,

Miles, J. (2021). Scattered memories of difficult history and museum pedagogies of disruption. Journal of Museum Education, 46(2), 272-281.

Miles, J. (2020). Curriculum reform in a culture of redress: How social and political pressures are shaping social studies curriculum in Canada. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 53(1), 47-64.

Miles, J. & Springgay, S. (2020). The indeterminate influence of Fluxus on curriculum and pedagogy. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 33(10), 1007-1021.

Miles, J. (2019). Seeing and feeling difficult history: A case study of how Canadian students make sense of photographs of Indian residential schools. Theory and Research in Social Education, 47(3), 1-26.

Miles, J. (2019). Historical pageantry and progressive pedagogy at Canada’s 1927 diamond jubilee celebration. Historical Studies in Education, 31(2), 1-25.

Miles, J. (2018). Teaching history for truth and reconciliation: The challenges and opportunities of narrativity, temporality, and identity. McGill Journal of Education, 53(2), 291-311.

Book Chapters (refereed)

Miles, J. & Thind, R. (2022). Comparing historical injustices: The possibilities and challenges of teaching multiple injustices from an anti-cololonial perspective. In L. Harris, M. Sheppard, & S. Levy (Eds.). Teaching difficult histories in difficult times: Stories of practice (pp, 129-141). Teachers College Press. 

Miles, J. (2021). Redressing historical wrongs or replicating settler colonialism? In M. Keynes, H. Elmersj., D. Lindmark, & B. Norlin (Eds.). Historical justice and history education (pp. 249-267).  Palgrave Macmillan. 

Journal Editorials

Miles, J. (2021). The ongoing crisis and promise of civic education. Curriculum Inquiry, 51(4), 381-388.

Miles, J. & Nayak, P. (2020). Curricular co-presences and an ecology of knowledges. Curriculum Inquiry, 50(2), 99-104, DOI: 10.1080/03626784.2020.1776970

Miles, J. (2019). Historical silences and the enduring power of counter storytelling. Curriculum Inquiry, 49(3), 253-259.

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