Kim, Jeannie (jk4151)

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Kim, Jeannie
EPSA Post Doctoral Fellow
Education Policy and Social Analysis

212 Zankel

Office Hours:
By appointment

Scholarly Interests

My research agenda, broadly, is motivated by questions investigating inequality in education and the mechanisms within and outside of educational institutions that mediate the heterogeneous experiences and outcomes of students. My current research examines the influence of various institutional factors and social forces on teachers’ evaluations of student academic effort and potential, with a particular interest in the racial variation of those evaluations. 

Educational Background

New York University

Ph.D in Sociology

Harvard Graduate School of Education

M.Ed in Administration, Planning and Social Policy

Brown University

B.A. in History

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Zarifa, David, Jeannie Kim, Brad Seward, and David Walters. 2018. “What’s Taking You So Long? Examining the Effects of Social Class on Completing a Bachelor’s  Degree in Four Years.” Sociology of Education 91(4): 1-33. 

Kim, Jeannie. 2015. “The Academic Advantage of Devotion: Measuring Variation in the Value of Weekly Worship in Late Adolescence on Educational Attainment Using Propensity Score Matching.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion  54(3):555-574.

Kim, Jeannie, Josipa Roksa, and Richard Arum. 2009. “Measuring Learning in Higher Education in a Globalization Era.” International Higher Education 56: 3-5.

Book Chapters                      

Arum, Richard, Josipa Roksa, Amanda Cook, and Jeannie Kim. September 2014. “Making it in the Labor Market,” in Arum, Richard, Josipa Roksa, Aspiring Adults Adrift: Tentative Transitions of College Graduates. University of Chicago Press. 

Arum, Richard, Jeannie Kim, and Melissa Velez. January 2011. “Pathways through Colleges Adrift,” in Arum, Richard, and Josipa Roksa, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses. University of Chicago Press.


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