Baranowski, Kimberly (kab2161)

Baranowski, Kim A.

Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology

Office Location:

428 HMann

Office Hours:

By appointment  

Scholarly Interests

Feminist multicultural counseling psychology and social justice

Human rights, asylum, refugee, and immigration advocacy

Mental health correlates of persecution, torture, gender-based violence, and trauma

Community-based research and participatory methods

Empirically-supported treatments

Educational Background

Teachers College, Columbia University, PhD Counseling Psychology

Teachers College, Columbia University, EdM Psychological Counseling

Virginia Commonwealth University, MFA Sculpture + Extended Media

New Mexico State University, BFA Sculpture

Selected Publications

Singer, E. K., Molyneux, K., Khushmit, K., Kona, N., Santos Malave, G., & Baranowski, K. A. (2022). Experiences of detained asylum seekers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Science & Medicine – Qualitative Research in Health.

Lever, H., Baranowski, K. A., Ottenheimer, D., Atkinson, H. G., & Singer, E. K. (2022). Histories of pervasive gender-based violence in asylum-seeking women who have undergone FGM/C. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 1-13.

Green, A. S., Ruchman, S. G., Birhanu, B., Wu, S., Katz, C. L., Singer, E. K., & Baranowski, K. A. (2022). U.S. immigration judges’ perceptions of telephonic and in-person forensic psychological evaluations. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

Velez, B., Baranowski, K. A., & Monoslavas, K. (2022). Voices from the frontlines: The challenges and rewards of immigration activism. In press.

Miller, M., D’Andrea M., Wang, E., Singer, E. K., & Baranowski, K. A. (2020). Patterns and evidence of human rights violations among United States asylum seekers. International Journal of Legal Medicine.

Ruchman, S. G., Green, A., Schonholz, S., Hersh, E., Sikka, N., Baranowski, K. A., & Singer, E. K. (2020). A toolkit for building medical programs for asylum seekers: Resources from the Mount Sinai Human Rights Program. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, 75.

Singer, E. K., Eswarappa, M., Kaur, K., & Baranowski, K. A. (2020). Addressing the need for forensic psychological evaluation of asylum seekers: The potential role of the general practitioner. Psychiatry Research, 280, 1-10.

Schonholz, S. M., Edens, M. C., Epié, A. Y., Karwoska Kligler, S., Baranowski, K. A., & Singer, E. K. (2020). Medical student involvement in a human rights program: Impact on student development and career vision. Annals of Global Health.

Sangmo, L., DiRisio, A. C., D’Andrea, M. R., Singer-Pomerantz, S. & Baranowski, K. A. (2020). The experiences of minors seeking asylum in the United States: A modified consensual qualitative research analysis. Journal of Traumatic Stress.

MacLean, S. A., Agyeman, P. O., Singer, E. K., Baranowski, K. A., & Katz, C. L. (2020). Perspectives on working with immigrants held in detention using photovoice. Psychiatric Quarterly.

Baranowski, K. A. (2019). Documenting human rights violations: Introduction to the psychological evaluation of asylum seekers. Practice Innovations, 5(1), 32-44.

Baranowski, K. A., Wang, E., D’ Andrea, M., & Singer, E. K. (2019). Experiences of gender-based violence in women asylum seekers from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Torture, 29(3), 46-58.

MacLean, S. A., Agyeman, P. O., Walther, J., Singer, E. K., Baranowski, K. A., & Katz, C. L. (2019). Mental health of children held at a United States immigration detention center. Social Science & Medicine, 230, 303-308.

Smith, L., Velez, B., Chambers, C., & Baranowski, K. A. (2019). Economic disadvantage at the intersections: Contemporary stereotypes in the headlines. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 47, 190-206.

MacLean, S. A., Agyeman, P. O., Walther, J., Singer, E. K., Baranowski, K. A., & Katz, C. L. (2019). Characterization of the mental health of immigrant children separated from their mothers at the U.S.-Mexico border. Psychiatry Research, 230, 303-308.

Baranowski, K. A., Moses, M. H., & Sundri, J. (2018). Supporting asylum seekers: Clinician experiences documenting human rights violations and torture through forensic psychological evaluation. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 31, 391-400.

Baranowski, K. A., & Smith, L. (2018). Working with undocumented immigrants from Mexico: Experiences of practitioners. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 49(3), 185-192.

Smith, L., Baranowski, K. A., Abdel-Salam, L., & McGinley, M. (2018). Youth participatory action research: Agency and unsilence as anti-classist practice. Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 4(2), 176-186.  

Baranowski, K. A., Bhattacharyya, S., Ameen, E. J., Becker Herbst, R., Corrales, C., Cote Gonzalez, L., Gonzalez, D. M., Jones, S., Reynolds, J. D., Goodman, L. A., & Miville, M. L. (2017). Community and public arena advocacy training challenges, supports, and recommendations in counseling psychology: A participatory qualitative inquiry. Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology, 8(2), 70-97.      

Smith, L., Romero, L., & Baranowski, K. A. (2014). Poverty, social class, and community mental health. In M.L. Miville & A.F. Ferguson (Eds.), Handbook of Race/Ethnicity and Gender in Psychology (pp.111-130). New York: Springer.

Smith, L., Baranowski, K. A., Allen, A., & Bowen, R. (2013). Poverty, crime seriousness, and the “politics of disgust.” Journal of Poverty, 17, 375-393.

Teachers College, Columbia University: Early Career Alumni Award

American Psychological Association: Citizen Psychologist Presidential Citation

American Psychological Association: Achievement Award for Early Career Psychologists

Teachers College, Columbia University: Provost’s Course Development Grant for the Inclusion of Latin American Content and Indigenous Languages in the Curriculum

New Mexico State University: Distinguished Alumni Award

National Science Foundation: United States Polar Program Antarctic Artists and Writers Research Grant

Undocumented Latin American Immigrant and Refugee Experiences: Foundations of Multicultural Service Provision and Teaching

Assessment in Counseling Psychology

Consulting with Community Agencies and Organizations

Foundations of Counseling Skills 

Counseling Skills II

Group Counseling

Dr. Baranowski serves as the Associate Director of The Mount Sinai Human Rights Program (MSHRP). The MSHRP seeks to advance health, dignity, and justice, both locally and globally, by providing pro-bono, trauma-informed medical assessments, mental health evaluations, and access to social services and continuity medical care to U.S. asylum seekers who are survivors of torture and human rights abuses. The program also aims to inspire and educate healthcare professionals, students, and the broader community about the protection and advocacy of health and human rights.

As the MSHRP Faculty Director of Research, Dr. Baranowski mentors students, supports research endeavors, and trains clinicians in conducting forensic psychological evaluations of asylum seekers that document the psychological impact of persecution, torture, and other human rights violations. 

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