Dechant, Kathleen (kd2042) | Teachers College Columbia University

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Dechant, Kathleen
Adjunct Professor
Organization & Leadership

201 Zankel

Office Hours:
Wednesdays by appointment

Educational Background

  • B. S. (Education), Duquesne University
  • Executive M.B.A., Pace University
  • Ed. D. (Adult Learning and Leadership), Teachers College, Columbia  University

Scholarly Interests

  • Organizational learning systems
  • Team learning
  • Impact of international cultural variations on collective learning

Selected Publications

Dechant, K.; Marsick, V.  & Kasl, E.  (2000)  Team learning:  A model for effectiveness in high performing teams.  In Advances in Interdisciplinary Studies  of Work Teams, M. Beyerlein, D. Johnson, & S. Beyerlein (eds.), Vol. 7,  1-20.  Greenwich, CT:  JAI Press.

Dechant,  K. (1999). How Managers Learn in the Knowledge Era.  In Informal Learning in the Workplace, Eds. M. Volpe, & V.  Marsick.  San Francisco:  Barrett-Koehler Publishers, Fall 1999.

Kasl, E.; Marsick, V. and  Dechant, K. (1997) “Teams as learners: A research-based model of Team learning,” Journal  of Applied Behavioral Science, Vol. 2, June, 227-   246.

Dechant,  K. (1996) “The playing fields of learning” in Managing so that organizations learn, S. Cavaleri  and D. S. Fearon, (eds.).  London:  Blackwell  Publishing  Co.

Dechant,  K. and Altman, B.  (1994) “Environmental  leadership: from compliance to  competitive advantage,” Academy of Management    Executive, August.

Dechant,  K. (1994) “Making the most of job assignments: an exercise in planning for   learning,” Journal  of Management Education, February.

Marsick,  V.; Dechant, K.; and Kasl, E. (1993) “Learning together: the team   process,” in sculpting  the learning organization, K.   Watkins and V.Marsick.  San  Francisco:  Jossey Bass, 96-117.

Kasl,  E.; Dechant, K.; and Marsick, V. (1993) “Living the learning: internalizing  Our model of group learning,” in Using experience for learning, D. Boud;R. Cohen; and D. Walker (eds.).

Ellerington,  D.; Marsick, V.; and Dechant, K.  (1993)  “Capability development at   Imperial Oil Resources,” in Professional Ways of Knowing, V. Marsickand H.   K. Baskett  (eds.).  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass, 51-60.

Dechant,  K.; Marsick, V.; and Kasl, E. (1993) “Toward a model of team learning,”  Studies in  Continuing Education, Vol. 15, No. 1, 1-14.

Dechant,  Kathleen.  (1990)  “Knowing how to learn: the neglected  management ability,” Journal  of Management Education, Vol. 9, 40-49.

Dechant,  K. (1990) “Knowing how to learn: managers’ forgotten skill,” Work in America.


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