Campbell, Corbin M. (lcm2166)

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Campbell, Corbin
Associate Professor of Higher Education
Organization & Leadership

206B Zankel

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Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy, Higher Education - University of Maryland
Master of Arts, Higher Education and Student Affairs - The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology - University of Virginia

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Corbin M. Campbell is Associate Professor of Higher Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her work, broadly situated, examines the organizational contexts that support learning and growth for students and faculty in higher education.  She was awarded a National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation postdoctoral fellowship for her recent work that focuses on developing new ways to conceptualize and measure the educational quality of colleges and universities that more closely reflect the teaching and learning process.  By understanding college quality from a teaching and learning perspective, her work begins to question the current institutional prestige and reward structures in higher education. Dr. Campbell grounds this research in her earlier work on understanding faculty careers. Her research has been published in such venues as the Journal of Higher Education, Teachers College Record, Research in Higher Education, the Review of Higher Education, and the Journal of College Student Development, and has been highlighted in the Chronicle of Higher Education and the New York Times. She serves on the editorial boards of Review of Higher Education, Research in Higher Education and the Journal of College Student Development.  She served on the Committee on Assessing Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Competencies of the National Academies and the National Postsecondary Education Cooperative of the National Center for Education Statistics. Dr. Campbell received her Ph.D. in educational policy from the University of Maryland, Her MA in higher education and student affairs from The Ohio State University, and her BA in Psychology from the University of Virginia.

Selected Publications


Campbell, C.M. (Ed.) (under contract release 2018). Reframing Notions of Rigor: Building scaffolding for equity and student success. New Directions for Higher Education. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA.

Invited Articles

Campbell, C.M., Mata, C., Galloway, F. (2016). Meeting Today’s Higher Education Goals via the Postsecondary Sample Surveys. National Postsecondary Education Cooperative, National Center for Education Statistics, Washington, DC.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Campbell, C.M. & Dortch, D. (in press). Reconsidering Academic Rigor: The Practice of Posing and Supporting Rigorous Coursework at Two Research Institutions. Teachers College Record.

Campbell, C. M., Cabrera, A. F., Ostrow, J. & Patel, S. (in press). From Comprehensive to Aimless: A Latent Class Analysis of College Teaching Practices. Research in Higher Education.

Campbell, C. M. (in press). An Inside View: The Utility of Quantitative Observation in Understanding College Educational Experiences. Journal of College Student Development.

Campbell, C. M. (2015). Serving A Different Master: Assessing College Educational Quality for the Public. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research, 30, 525-579.

O'Meara, KA, Lounder, A. & Campbell, C. M. (2014). To Heaven or Hell: Sensemaking about why faculty leave. Journal of Higher Education, 85(5), 603-632.

Campbell, C. M. & Cabrera, A. (2014). Making the Mark: Are Deep Learning and GPA Related? Research in Higher Education. 55, 494-507.

Campbell, C. M. & O’Meara, KA. (2014). Faculty Agency: Departmental contexts that matter in faculty careers. Research in Higher Education, 55, 49-74.

Niehaus, B., Campbell, C. M., & Inkelas, K. (2014). HLM behind the Curtain: Unveiling decisions behind the use and interpretation of HLM in higher education research. Research in Higher Education, 55, 101-122.

Terosky, A., O’Meara, KA, & Campbell, C. M. (2014). Advancing Together: Associate Professors’ Sense of Agency in Career. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 7(1), 58-76.

Campbell, C. M. & Mislevy, J. (2012-2013). Student perceptions matter: Early signs of undergraduate student retention/attrition. Journal of College Student Retention, 14(4), 467-493.

Campbell, C. M., Smith, M.., Dugan, J., & Komives, S. (2012). Mentors and college student leadership outcomes: The importance of position and process. Review of Higher Education, 35, 595-625.

Campbell, C.M. & Cabrera, A.F. (2011). How Sound is NSSE: Investigating the psychometric properties of NSSE at a public research-extensive institution. Review of Higher Education, 35(1), 77-103.

O’Meara, K. A. & Campbell, C. M. (2011). Faculty sense of agency in decisions about work and family. Review of Higher Education, 34, 447-476.

Demb, A. & Campbell, C. M. (2009). A new lens for identifying potential adult persistent problem drinkers during college. Journal of College Student Development, 50, 1-30.

Campbell, C. M. & Demb, A. (2008). College high risk drinkers: Who matures out? And who persists as adults? Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 52(1), 19-46.

Book Chapters

Campbell, C. M. & Meehan, M. (in press). Leading the Call for Improving Student Learning Goals and Outcomes. In J. S. Antony, A. M. Cauce, & D. E. Shalala (Eds.). Challenges in Higher Education Leadership. New York, NY: Routledge Press.

Neumann, A. & Campbell, C. M. (2016). Homing in on Learning and Teaching: Current Approaches and Future Directions for Higher Education Policy. In M. Bastedo, P. G. Altbach, & P. J. Gumport (Eds.). American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century: Social, Political, and Economic Challenges. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Simone, S., Campbell, C. M., & Newhart, D. (2012). Measuring opinion and behavior. In B. Knight, G. McLaughlin, R. Howard (Eds.). Handbook on institutional research. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.


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