Baldacchino, Laura F. (lfb2107)

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Baldacchino, Laura
Arts & Humanities

520A HMann

Educational Background

  • Ed.D. Teachers College, Columbia University 
  • Ed.M. Teachers College, Columbia University
  • M.M.  University of South Florida 
  • F.L.C.M. London College of Music (UK)
  • L.L.C.M. London College of Music (UK)
  • A.L.C.M. London College of Music (UK)

Scholarly Interests

Applied Music, Chamber music, Pedagogy of Music, Music Education, Music Interpretation, Mediterranean music, Intercultural music, Contemporary and 20th Century music

  • ISME  International Society of Music Education
  • CMS College Music Society
  • NFA National Flute Association
  • CIMA Centre for Intercultural Music Arts (UK)
  • CMA Chamber Music America

LAURA FALZON BALDACCHINO  has performed throughout the United States, Europe and Asia as a soloist, recitalist and chamber musician. Praised by the Musical Times magazine for her "versatile technique", by the British Flute Society's PAN Magazine for her passionate interest in contemporary flute music describing her as "fearless in tackling and promoting it", and hailed by the Music & Musicians as "an excellent instrumentalist", Dr. Falzon, an ardent advocate of contemporary music, has premiered numerous works written for her ranging from the conventional flute solo to works with non-western instruments like the zheng, African drums and tabla. Padma Phool is one such work written for her by the Anglo-Indian composer John Mayer (mostly known as the founder of Indo-Jazz Fusion and, in the flute world, for his flute Concerto for Sir James Galway). Amongst the list of works premiered are works by composers like Shirish Korde, Theodore Wiprud, Alvin Singleton, Mohammed Fairouz, Charles Camilleri, Reza Vali, Akin Euba and Geoff Poole. The recipient of numerous awards, she has received grants and awards from, amongst others, The British Arts Council, The Scottish Arts Council, The Rockefeller Foundation, Cambridge University, NY Women Composers, Rotary Foundation, and Columbia University. A graduate of Columbia University, she also studied in England with Royal Academy of Music professor and principal flutist of the London Sinfonietta Sebastian Bell and with Julius Baker, Susan Milan and Kim McCormick. She is a founding member and artistic director of Id-Dinja ensemble and ISSA Sonus ensemble, and, as well as having a full schedule of performances, she teaches at Teachers College, Columbia University and at the City College of New York, CUNY.

·       Jersey Arts Trust (UK) – Commissioning grant (1993)

·       Rockefeller Foundation – Residencies and commissioning grant (1994 and 1995)

·       British Arts Council (through West Midlands Arts) — Professional Development Grant (1997)

·       University of South Florida — Academic scholarship (1999)

·       West Midlands Arts (UK) – Commissioning grant (2001)

·       Warwick Arts Festival & British Arts Council (UK) – Commissioning grant (2002)

·       Scottish Arts Council (UK) – Commissioning grant (2003)

·       Hope Scott Trust (UK) – Commissioning grant (2003)

·       The Centre for Intercultural Musicology, Churchill College, Cambridge University (UK) – Commissioning grant (2005)

·       President’s Community and Diversity Grant Fund: CCD, Teachers College, Columbia University (USA) – (2005)

·       Betty Fairfax Grant, Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, New York City – Professional Development grant (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)

·       The Centre for Intercultural Musicology, Churchill College, Cambridge University (UK) — commissioning grant (2006)

·       College Music Society (USA) – Conference presentation grant (2007)

·       Music & Music Education program, Teachers College, Columbia University (USA) – Endowment Grant (2008)

·       Music Research Institute (USA) — Conference presentation grant (2009)

·       Conference presentation grant. Dept. of Arts & Humanities, Music & Music Education program, Teachers College, Columbia University (USA) — (2009)

·       New York Women Composers (USA) — Seed Grant (2009)

·       Sparkplug Foundation (USA) —  recording grant ( 2010)

·       The Research Foundation, CUNY — Course Development Fund (2012)

·      Professional Development Fund, CUNY PSC — (2012)

  • Rotary Foundation (UK) – Ambassadorial Scholar

  • Columbia University (USA) — Post-Doctoral Fellow


·       Falzon Baldacchino, L., (2012). “Interpretation as a Pedagogy of Practice”. International Conference of the Groupe de recherche en pédagogie instrumentale et musicale (GRePIM/ Center of Excellence in Music Pedagogy) affiliated with the OICRM (The Observatoire interdisciplinaire de création et de recherche en musique)titled “Music Learning: Benefits for the 21st-century Learner. Centre des Congrès de Québec, Quebec city, Quebec, Canada, 22 - 24 November 2012

·       Falzon Baldacchino, L., (2012). “Music Interpretation: Creative intuitions or taught creativity?” ISME 30° World Conference of the International Society for Music Education titled Music Pædeia: From Ancient Greek Philosophers Toward Global Music Communities. Thessaloniki, Greece, 15-20 July 2012


·       Falzon Baldacchino, L. (2011). “Intercultural expressions: The polyrhythmic narrative of Akin Euba’s work for the contemporary flute”. AMNA Symposium and Festival --Dialogue: Africa Meets North America in New York-- hosted by the New York Africa Chorus Ensemble in partnership with Harlem Arts Alliance. New York, NY, November 2nd.

·       Falzon Baldacchino, L. (2009). “Contemporary music and pedagogy: is there a pedagogy of contemporary music?” The College Music Society 52nd National Conference, Portland, Oregon, October 24th.

·       Falzon Baldacchino, L., Goffi-Fynn, J. (2008). “Critical Thinking in the Applied Studio”. ISME 28° World Conference of the International Society for Music Education. University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, July 20th to 25th.

·       Falzon Baldacchino, L. (2008). “Aesthetic Experience in Music Performance: Reflections on Thea Musgrave's Narcissus (for flute and digital delay)”. ISME 28° World Conference of the International Society for Music Education. University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, July 20th to 25th.

·       Falzon Baldacchino, L. (2008). “Intercultural Expressions—“Omunkwu’s Call: Intercultural Expressions in Akin Euba’s Study in Polyrhythm No.3 for flute and piano”. The International Music Conference and Festival 2008, Africa meets Asia, Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha, Bangalore, India. (Jointly organized with the Centre for Intercultural Musicology at Churchill College, Cambridge University UK). July 11th to 16th.

·       Falzon Baldacchino, L. (2008). “Music as prescient meaning: interpretation and the dialogue between composer, performer and audience”. 13th Annual Conference of the International Society for Phenomenology, Fine Arts & Aesthetics with the theme: The Artist and the message — Creativity and Communication. Radcliffe Gymnasium, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, May 7th 2008.

·       Abeles, H., Goffi-Fynn, J., Falzon Baldacchino, L. Hong-Park J., Johnson J. (2007). “Continuing the Journey: Working Towards Student Centred Studio Instruction” The College Music Society 50th National Conference, Salt Lake City, November 18th.


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