Malgaroli, Matteo (mm4408)

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Malgaroli, Matteo
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Counseling & Clinical Psychology

330 HMann

Scholarly Interests

My reseach focus is digital mental health. I study stress disorders with machine learning methods to identify digital features that capture stress behavior (i.e. symptoms). This data-driven approach to mental health is increasingly known as Computational Psychiatry and aims to bridge digital features with neurobiology. I also study telehealth delivery as a source for digital phenotyping.

  • Identification of digital biomarkers of stress (e.g., NLP and speech features)
  • Computational alternatives to psychiatric classification (e.g., network analysis)
  • Digital Health for delivery of behavioral interventions

Educational Background

Ph.D., Columbia University

Selected Publications

Malgaroli, M., Calderon, A., & Bonanno, G. A. (2021). Networks of major depressive disorder: A systematic review. Clinical Psychology Review, 102000.

Malgaroli, M., & Schultebraucks, K. (2021). Artificial Intelligence and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). European Psychologist.

Malgaroli, M., Maccallum, F., & Bonanno, G. A. (2022). Machine yearning: How advances in computational methods lead to new insights about reactions to loss. Current Opinion in Psychology, 43, 13-17.

Malgaroli, M., Hull, T. D., Stirman, S. W., & Resick, P. (2020). Message Delivery for the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Longitudinal Observational Study of Symptom Trajectories. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22(4), e15587.

Bantilan, N., Malgaroli, M., Ray, B., & Hull, T. D. (2020). Just in time crisis response: suicide alert system for telemedicine psychotherapy settings. Psychotherapy research, 1-11.


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