Resch, Magnus (mr3804)

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Resch, Magnus
Arts & Humanities

Office Hours:
By appointment

Scholarly Interests

Magnus Resch is an art market expert, serial entrepreneur and bestselling book author. He is founder of the Magnus App, which works like Shazam for Art. Leonardo DiCaprio is an investor and advisor to the company. Magnus' activities have been widely covered in the international media and in social media.

Educational Background

Ph.D. Economics
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

MSc Economics
London School of Economics, UK

BSc Management
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Harvard University, USA

Selected Publications

Resch, M. (2017). The Art Gallery Report 2016. New York: Phaidon
- Statistical report on art galleries

Resch, M. & Girst, T. (2016). The 100 Secrets of the Art World. London: Koenig
- Amazon #1 bestseller in four countries

Resch, M. & Zorloni, A. (2016). From Private to Public. Turning Collections into Philanthropic Opportunities. In A. Zorloni (Ed.). Art Wealth Management. Managing Private Art Collections. New York: Springer
- Empirical analysis of collector behaviour

Resch, M. (2016). Management of Art Galleries. New York: Phaidon
- Managerial guide how to run an art gallery, 3rd edition 

Resch, M. & Noe, C. (2015). Private Art Museums. Nürnberg: Verlag für Moderne Kunst
- Global art collector study on private art museums

Resch, M. & Noe, C. (2014). The Art Collector Report 2014. Nürnberg: Verlag für Moderne Kunst
- Global report on art collectors


Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
- German foundation with 78 offices globally,  awards scholarships to students of exceptional academic achievement and outstanding political or social commitment. 

Swiss Study Foundation
- Swiss foundation that promotes outstanding students (top 0.3%) 


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