Marks, Ray (rm226)

Ray Marks


Office Location:

527E Building 528

Selected Publications


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Ray Marks has an extensive history teaching within the Program in Health Education, starting as an Assistant Instructor in 1998, co-teaching with Professor John Allegrante. Her history includes teaching as an Adjunct Assistant Professor (2001-2004). In May 2005, Dr. Marks was promoted to Adjunct Associate Professor. In September 2010, Dr. Marks was promoted to Adjunct Professor. And, as of January 2017 Dr. Marks enjoyed a promotion to Lecturer. Within Teachers College, Dr. Marks received Outstanding Teacher Awards in 2004 and 2005. 


  1. Marks has served as the Director of the Center for Health Promotion, School of Health and Behavioral Sciences, City University of New York, York College—a non-profit Public Health Education Center with a 20 year history of serving the local community 
  2. Ray Marks obtained the degree of Doctor of
    Education in Health Education from the Program in Health Education at Teachers College, Columbia University in 2001. She received her M.Sc. from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada in 1988, as well as her BScPt from Witwatersrand Univ. in South Africa in1972. 

Dr. Marks has expertise in several areas: childhood obesity; health literacy; health promotion and practice; social marketing; social policy and prevention; and self-efficacy and chronic disease prevention. Dr. Marks’ book is entitled Health Literacy in Schools (2013, Emerald Press). See her other selected publications, below:

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