Fallace, Thomas D. (tdf2108)

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Fallace, Thomas
Visiting Professor
Social Studies Education Program Director
Arts & Humanities

Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy in Education, University of Virginia (2004)

Masters of Arts in History, University of Virginia (2003)

Masters in Education,  University of Virginia (2001)

Bachelor of Arts,  Washington and Lee University (1998)

Scholarly Interests

Social studies education, curriculum history, history of ideas in education

Selected Publications

Fallace, T.D. (2018). In the shadow of authoritarianism: American education in the twentieth century. Teachers College Press. 

Fallace, T.D. (2018). The (anti-) ideological origins of Bailyn’s Education in the Forming of American Society. History of Education Quarterly, 58 (3), 315-337

Fallace, T.D. (2018). American educators' confrontation with fascism. Educational Researcher, 47 (1), 46-52.  

Fallace, T.D. & Fantozzi, V.B. (2017).  The Dewey school as triumph, tragedy, and misunderstood: Exploring the myths and historiography of the University of Chicago Laboratory School. Teachers College Record, 119 (2), 1-32.   

Fallace, T.D. (2017). The paradox of race in Dewey's Democracy and Education. The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 16(4), 473-487. 

Fallace, T.D. (2016). The origins of classroom deliberation: Democratic education in the shadow of totalitarianism, 1938-1960. Harvard Educational Review, 86 (4), 506-526. 

Fallace, T. (2016). John Dewey’s interdisciplinary vision(s) for the social studies. Social Studies Research and Practice, 11 (1), 177-189. 

Fallace, T.D. (2015). Race and the origins of progressive education, 1890-1929.  Teachers College Press

 Fallace, T.D. (2015). The savage origins of child-centered pedagogy, 1871-1913.  American Educational Research Journal, 52, (1), 73-103.

Fallace, T.D. & Fantozzi, V.B. (2013).  Was there really a social efficiency doctrine? The uses and abuses of an idea in educational history.  Educational Researcher, 42(3), 142-150.

Fallace, T.D. (2011). Dewey and dilemma of race: An intellectual history, 1895-1922. Teachers College Press.

Fallace, T.D. (2011). From the German schoolmaster's psychology to the psychology of the child: Evolving rationales for the teaching of history in American schools in the 1890s. The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 10 (2), 161-186. 

Fallace, T.D. (2011).Tracing John Dewey's influence on progressive education, 1903-1951: Towards a received Dewey. Teachers College Record, 113 (3), 463-492.

Fallace, T.D. (2010). Was John Dewey ethnocentric? Reevaluating the philosopher’s early views on culture and race. Educational Researcher, 39 (6), 471-477.

Fallace, T.D. (2009). John Dewey and the origins of the social studies: An analysis of the historiography and new interpretation. Review of Educational Research, 79 (1), 601-624.

Fallace, T.D. (2008). Did social studies really replace history in American secondary schools? Teachers College Record,110 (9), 2245-2270.

Fallace, T.D. (2008). Emergence of Holocaust education in American schools. Palgrave Macmillan.

Fallace, T.D. (2007)Playing Holocaust: Origins of the Gestapo Holocaust simulation game Teachers College Record, 109 (12), 2642-2665.

2016-present: Professor of Education, William Paterson University

2013-2016: Associate Professor of Education, William Paterson University

2010-2013: Assistant Professor of Education, William Paterson University

2004-2010: Assistant Professor of Education, University of Mary Washington                                      

Spring, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004: Lecturer, University of Virginia 

1998 to 2001: Social Studies and Latin Teacher, 8thand 9thgrade, The Webb School, Bell Buckle, TN


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