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The Department of Health and Behavior Studies

Health & Behavior Studies

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On behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, I want to welcome you to the Department of Health and Behavior Studies (HBS) at Teachers College, Columbia University.

HBS is multidisciplinary, and our collective philosophical position is that health and learning are inextricably linked.  Our mission is to improve health, learning, and social well-being in schools and other settings and throughout the lifespan.  Thus, our academic programs share the common goal of generating the research evidence and preparing the next generation of scholars and practitioners that will help people to realize their full potential, make informed decisions, and attain the best possible quality of life.

Many HBS faculty members have distinguished records of scholarship and leadership in their respective fields.  In addition to the full-time faculty, the department is fortunate to have dedicated adjunct faculty and other instructional staff that teach, supervise a wide range of clinical and field placements, and provide academic advisement.

Faculty and students of the department are committed to conducting socially and policy-relevant applied research, serving diverse populations at risk or with high needs, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration to bridge the educational gap by using tested scientific pedagogical and developmental interventions.  To this end, our faculty is engaged in an impressive array of investigational and training projects that are externally funded by grants and contracts and often provide opportunities for student research projects or internships.

I think you will find that HBS offers many exciting opportunities to enhance your academic and professional skills and prepare you for a rewarding career in one of the fields for which we offer professional preparation.

- Dolores Perin