Program Requirements

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Applied Behavior Analysis

In the Department of Health and Behavior Studies

Program Requirements

All MA students MUST complete two years of full-time internship in our CABAS® model Research and Development schools (

All MA students must meet the liberal arts requirements for NYS teacher certification (by the completion of the program). This necessitates 6 credit hours of science (taught by a science department—social sciences do not count). 6 cr. hrs. of math (taught by a math dept.), 6 cr. hrs. of history/ELA/social studies, and 6 cr. hrs. of a foreign language. AP credits taken during high school or documented demonstration of proficiency (e.g., an exam or CLEP) are also acceptable.

All PhD students are required to have completed our MA core and are required to teach in our schools until they have completed their dissertation.

Please refer to the specific degree guides for more information:

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