Degree Requirements: Master of Science (MS) | Diabetes Education and Management | Health & Behavior Studies

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Diabetes Education and Management

In the Department of Health & Behavior Studies

Master of Science in Diabetes Education and Management (MS)

The Master of Science in Diabetes Education and Management requires satisfactory completion of 36 course points and a Master’s Integrative Project. The program may be pursued full-time or part-time, but part-time students are encouraged to take at least 6 credits per semester to ensure timely completion of the program.

 Required Diabetes Related Core Courses  (16 points):

  • HBSD 4110     Behavior change strategies for diabetes prevention and control (3)
  • HBSD 4120     Pathophysiology of diabetes and its complications (3)
  • HBSD 4130     Assessment of the person with diabetes (3)
  • HBSD 4140     Preventive and therapeutic interventions in diabetes management (4)
  • HBSD 4150     Diabetes self-management education (DSME) programs:  Development, implementation, and evaluation (3)

 Additional Required Core Courses

  • HBSS 5110    Determinants of health behavior (3)
  • HBSS 5040    Research methods in health and behavior studies I (3)

    Multicultural Requirement: Choose at least one of the following; both may be taken in which case one will satisfy an elective requirement in Health Behavior and Nutrition:
  • HBSS 4114    Competency in multi-cultural populations (3)
  • HBSS 4141    Health and illness in cross-cultural perspective (2-3)

 Elective Courses (for a total of 11-12 points):

Health (3-9 credits):

Choose at least one from the following:

  • HBSS 4001     Health provider communications (3)
  • HBSS 4118     Principles of health-related behavior and social change: Initiation to maintenance (3)
  • HBSS 5116     Social relations, emotions, and health (3)
  • HBSV 4000     Introduction to nutrition: Facts, fallacies, and trends (3)
  • BBSR 5095     Exercise and health (3)

 Education and Human Development (2-9 credits):

Choose at least one from the following:

  • ORLD 4050     Introduction to adult and continuing education  (3)
  • ORLD 4051     How adults learn (3)
  • ORLD 4827     Fostering transformative learning (3)
  • HUDK 4029     Human cognition and learning  (3)
  • HUDK 4023     Developmental psychology: Adolescence (2-3)
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